Fifty shades of Insurtech (Episode X)

Fifty shades of Insurtech (Episode X)

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 10 Jul, 2018

Today you will dive into our second-last blogpost that will feature the video’s of companies that presented live on stage during the last DIA edition., vlot, Roost, Surfly will be lifting a tip of the veil and show you around in their world of premium frontend platforms, their digital ecosystems, home telematics solutions and an advanced co browsing solution.

Sit back, relax and enjoy! Premium Frontends for Insurance – as a service

Danish startup is a premium frontend platform for innovative Insurers and insurance brokers that want to provide a unique customer experience in the process of quoting and purchasing insurances. This is enabled with customer centric APIs and intelligence software. provides the ability to build modular and reusable frontends faster than ever before. Providing users with pluggable frontend components, APIs to insurance systems and a store of micro-services ready to use

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vlot: digital ecosystem for life risk analysis, coverage and monitoring

vlot is a B2B2C risk management platform. It provides an easy-to-use “one-stop- shop”, that assesses the full spectrum of state and employer specific social security benefits. It then maps it to life-situation based needs and offers a flexible insurance coverage to close existing gaps. vlot is the perfect showcase of one of the key insurtech trends for the years to come; so-called UPSTREAM PLATFORMS. Insurers need to move upstream and be present in the context of specific life events and decisions. vlot is really tapping into this opportunity.

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Roost: Home Telematics Solutions enabling Digital Engagement & Claims Mitigation
Californian-based Roost disrupts the traditional Property Insurance model through a “Telematics for the Home” approach. Roost delivers affordable, easy to install Wi-Fi solutions throughout the home with their mobile app and cloud-based notification engine. Roost’s primary Go-To-Market approach is through Insurance companies deploying the appliances directly to their policyholders. The effect is a reduction in claim cost expenses, as well as driving policyholder engagement through a content rich, digital mobile app experience; resulting in a more meaningful and tangible relationship.

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Surfly: Advanced co-browsing solution

Surfly has developed an innovative solution for sharing web sessions. By using Surfly, insurers can instantly see what their clients are doing on their website and assist them with just a single click. One of the DIA Top 10 Insurtech Trends is EMPATHY EMPOWERED. Surfly allows agents to really understand their clients which reduces call handling times significantly and make them much more efficient. Agents can visually explain products and information, increasing cross sell and upsell opportunities and establishing a relationship of trust.

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