Fifty shades of Insurtech (Episode XI)

Fifty shades of Insurtech (Episode XI)

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 11 Jul, 2018

In this blogpost we will introduce you to Optisure, Go, DataRobot and SynerScope. If you are interested in GDPR, Privacy, Data Transparency,  insurance platforms, online customer journeys, insurance for the self-employed and small businesses or automated machine learning and data science these video’s are a must watch for you.

Enjoy our video’s! 

Optisure: Small business insurance for freelancers and the self-employed made simple
Optisure is an online-only commercial insurance platform for digital native entrepreneurs; freelancers, the self-employed and small businesses. To minimize the complexity of risks within each target group and to provide automated insurance cover, Optisure analyzes the typical risks of each target group to develop standardized products and tailored risk profiles. Optisure brings insurance to the underserved segments of self-employed like freelancers and small businesses. They make commercial insurance fairer, easier and more customer-oriented.

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Go: White label fully digital motor insurance platform

Go is an initiative of Israeli insurer Hachshara. Go is a white label fully digital motor insurance platform. By offering Go to other insurers, Hachshara plays a totally new role in the value chain. With Go the entire customer journey is digital and online, including connecting all players in the ecosystem in the event of a claim. Think for example about roadside assistance, legal advisers, car repair services and appraisers. The results? Cost savings and risk reduction as well as much better customer engagement.

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DataRobot: Leader in automated machine learning and AI

A growing number of new data streams results in all sorts of new challenges for insurers. The key is to extract meaningfull insights, and to make better predictions. In this video DataRobot will showcase their solution: automated machine learning. With this solution, DataRobot brings data science to the masses.

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SynerScope: Full control over personal data
The GDPR certainly brings many challenges for insurers. Especially in view of the scale of activities, the time-pressure, and having to perform many different contacts to hundreds of thousands, even millions, of customers. Privacy and data transparency are hot topics. Take for example how individuals can have full control over their personal data. SynerScope showcases you the solution.

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