“PASS_Portal” and “RGI Virtual Assistant”: Voice is your new user interface

“PASS_Portal” and “RGI Virtual Assistant”: Voice is your new user interface

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 12 Nov, 2018

RGI is an independent software vendor leader in the design, development and delivery of core systems to insurers. RGI is the digital influencer of the insurance market, providing a comprehensive and modular offering which addresses core insurance processes including policy administration, market management, and sales and distribution. RGI has a lot of experience in dealing with insurers, Bank Insurers, Agents, Brokers and independent Financial Advisors. RGI has a proven track record of 100 insurers and 300 brokers across the EMEA region.

RGI provides a suite of software solutions for the end to end management of the insurance products, starting from the quotation till the post sales activities. RGI Virtual Assistant is just a piece of a complete and innovative suite for the policy administration that allows the whole underwriting and management of a policy in 5 clicks using the omni device & omnichannel technology (PASS_Portal).

RGI is among the top players of the European insurance technology market for customer base. PASS_Portal is the latest ground-breaking omnichannel front-end that RGI released back in 2016 and today has been chosen by 7 Insurers. RGI Virtual Assistant is the new POC that RGI is developing to ensure a new kind of user interaction based on human voice and natural language for core insurance processes. 

Complete new platform based on social network user experiences
A completely new platform which doesn’t look anything like the old cumbersome heavy boring policy administration system. PASS_Portal is a new type of front-end which is completely based on Social network user experience which allows the operators to handle a policy in less than 5 minutes. It guides users through a new customer experience starting from the web, right down to the final underwriting process through the voice of RGI Virtual Assistant, that interacts with the user in natural language. 

Winner of the Xcelent Customer Base Award
Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman, has awarded RGI in July 2018 with the XCelent Customer Base award for its PASS_Insurance platform, recognizing the customer density in Southern Europe in the report "Europe Middle East, and Africa Policy Administration System 2018 - Personal, Commercial, and Specialty ABCD Vendor view".

How it works

Why we selected RGI for DIA Munich
RGI has demonstrated an ability to modernize technology, to be extremely relevant in a digital insurance world, and now to grow in EMEA. At DIA Munich they demonstrated “PASS_Portal”, RGI’s omnichannel omni device solution and RGI’s Virtual Assistant chatbot.

Who is RGI?
RGI started out as a software house dedicated to the insurance world and it has been committed for more than 30 years to the industry. Their core business is a Policy Administration System dedicated to insurance processes composed by different modules each available separately and independently.

From December 2017 main shareholder is Corsair Capital, an American Independent Private Equity Fund. With a team of 800 professionals in Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Tunisia and Luxembourg, they have a proven track record of 103 Insurers and 300 brokers across the EMEA region. Their expertise, know-how and innovative product offering drives their position on industry leadership in Insurance technology for Insurers, Bank Insurers, Agents, Brokers, independent Financial Advisors. RGI addresses all Tiers and all Business Lines.

“We cater solutions and services to help Insurers achieve operational efficiency, harness the power of digital and meet regulatory standards. We bring expertise and a focus on innovation to a global community of Insurers. We are committed to your success.” Vito Rocca CEO RGI


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