Kryon: RPA that meets the real needs of real businesses

Kryon: RPA that meets the real needs of real businesses

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 26 Nov, 2018

Tel-Aviv based Kryon offers today’s most business-friendly robotic process automation (RPA) solutions for all types of companies around the world, empowering them to streamline work processes, prevent errors, and cut costs. In a field that often loses sight of the importance of ease of use, Kryon stands out for its one-click process-recording capability and its uniquely intuitive interface. Moreover, Kryon is the only RPA provider to offer its own AI-powered process discovery solution for automatically identifying the processes best suited for automation.

Kryon brings an unprecedented level of user-friendliness to RPA, making it faster and easier than ever before for even users with no technical background to automate work processes.

Kryon offers integrating business-friendly robotic process automation (RPA) with Process Discovery technology that offers organizations full visibility into all their processes. Combining a deep understanding of their customers’ needs with cutting-edge technology, Kryon empowers businesses to maximize their ROI through their choice of desktop-based attended automation, virtual-machine-based unattended automation, and a hybrid combination of attended and unattended automation.

Kryon’s customers include top enterprises around the world, including AIG, Allianz, AT&T, Ernst & Young, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, HP, Microsoft, Santander Bank, Singtel Optus, Verizon, and Wyndham Hotel Group.

Kryon was recognized by Oxbow Partners as a member of the 2018 InsurTech Impact 25 Forum, and it was recently named the “Best Application of AI in Enterprise” at the TechXLR8 Asia 2018 Awards.

How it works
Kryon’s technology is used to optimize claims processing to increase efficiency and accuracy. The platform enables improved governance and regulatory compliance by producing a detailed log of automated activities, each step in the process is documented.

While their Unattended Automation solution, hosted on virtual machines, enables insurance companies to automate a wide variety of processes, their Attended Automation solution which runs right on a user’s desktop computer can help them to improve customer service by lightening customer service representatives’ workloads.

Why we selected Kryon for DIA Munich
Kryon operates on the cutting edge of RPA technology, driving innovation in the discovery of suitable automated processes, the implementation of unattended, attended and hybrid automation and the continual optimization of these processes.

While the insurance industry in general suffers from high operating expenses, Kryon RPA can increase companies’ efficiency and lower expenses, all while boosting reliability and preventing potentially costly errors. And while many insurance companies still rely on legacy systems that are not easily integrated with more modern software, Kryon robots come with patented computer vision technology, enabling them to work with all types of software environments.

At DIA Munich, Darius Heisig, General Manager EMEA, and Raanan Yogev, VP of Product explained how Kryon’s AI-powered RPA and Process Discovery solutions work together to empower insurance companies to optimize their efficiency, reliability, customer service, and profits. Darius and Raanan also gave a live demonstration of how both products work, discussing their real-world usage and the results they achieve.

Who is Kryon?
Kryon was born in 2008 out of a desire to help businesspeople perform better. Today, Kryon has six offices in five countries, and they enjoy 235% year-over-year growth. They hold five patents for computer vision and machine learning technology, and they have customers all around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

What makes Kryon unique is that our mission isn’t just to bring businesses cutting-edge RPA technology – it’s to give them the simplest, fastest, most business-friendly path to automating the right processes. From our intuitive interface to our one-touch recording capability to our unmatched Process Discovery technology, every aspect of our platform is designed to meet the needs of real enterprises – including efficiency and ease of use." Harel Tayeb CEO Kryon

The Kryon team, including CEO Harel Tayeb (in blue polo shirt, standing in the center of the front row)

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