May 11, 11.00 AM


Gregor Gimmy

Founder and Head
BMW Startup Garage


Gregor Gimmy, the founder and head of the BMW Startup Garage, the venture client unit of the BMW Group. The Garage works with all sorts of startups that want to prove the value of their solution to the automotive industry by integrating it first with a BMW Group vehicle or mobility service. 

Prior to the Garage, Gregor helped create BMW InnovationWorks, an internal design-thinking based innovation strategy team. Gregor’s track record furthermore includes starting various VC funded software companies in Silicon Valley and Europe, and helping IDEO to transform from a design agency to a strategic innovation consultancy. Gregor is also an active investor and board member of inStartup – a Startup As A Service company. His broad experience guarantees great insights and an inspiring keynote.

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