Music Production 4.0
15 - 16 November 2017


John Groves

Composer, musician and producer
Groves Sound Communication - DIA Munich 2017


"John Groves is a British composer, musician, producer and specialist for the use of sound and music in communications.(Sound Branding) In recent years, he has concentrated on psychoacoustics and the applied use of sound in a healthcare context; from sonification and navigational sounds in medical equipment to Receptive Sound Therapy programs to help improve sleep, manage stress, and more. His current book is „ComMUSICation - from Pavlov's Dog to Sound Branding“.John Groves is President of the Composers Club, Germany, Vice President of FFACE: the Federation of Film and Audio-visual Composers of Europe, Brussels, Board member and treasurer of ECSA: the European Composers and Songwriters Alliance, Brussels and member of the Scientific Advisory Board Center for Applied Music Research at the Danube University, Krems.
He will speak about the effect of disruptive technologies in the music creation process and the neglected potential of sound in preventive and corporate healthcare."

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