Pentation Analytics: creating ripples in the insurance industry

Pentation Analytics: creating ripples in the insurance industry

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 6 Sep, 2018

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

As an InsurTech, Mumbai based Pentation Analytics enables insurers and intermediaries to realize maximum value for customers via a proprietary platform, Insurance Analytics Suite. This insurance-specific analytics platform, powered by Machine Learning, uses customer-level data to address the core use-cases of retention, cross-sell and profitability. An all-in-one Self-Service Analytics Platform powered by Machine Learning. Insurance Analytics Suite is deployed at leading insurers and insurance intermediaries, with renewal and cross-sell improvement rates ranging between 3% and 12% depending upon the risk segment.

Pentation Analytics enables organizations to see "why" behind the "what" for robust decision making. With a strong focus on Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Management, they are equipping organizations to be ready for tomorrow's challenges today. Pentation Analytics' applications are developed by leveraging Domain experience and Data Sciences.

Increase retention. Optimize claims. Cross sell.
Insurance Analytics Suite is a one stop analytical platform for Motor, Health, P&C, and Life insurance. The process automation & predictive intelligence product enables end-to-end solutions to benefit both Insurance companies and Intermediaries.

Insurers and Insurance intermediaries spend considerable time and money to acquire their customers, and then run large processes to retain them; however, retaining a profitable customer portfolio remains a challenge. According to the 2017 JD Power Insurance Shopping Study, the top 3 drivers for customers to switch are price sensitivity, channel preferences and service levels, and communication gaps. These affect renewals and further future sales in P&C, Health and Life Insurance.

Addressing this, Insurance Analytics Suite enables insurers to improve customer retention with risk insights, risk scores for retention and cross-sell based on industry-level Machine Learning models, each at the level of every customer and each policy. These scores enable actionable insights and data-driven decision making for high-impact results. The Suite also enables strategic interventions both within and without the insurance operations, leading to improvement of the processes.
Risk insights for decision making and operations optimization for profitability, Insurance Analytics covers all-in-one, for impact at scale.
Insurance Analytics Suite has been designed to address the core problem faced by insurers ">

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