ACTINEO Cockpit: The Digital Manager of Bodily Injury Claims

ACTINEO Cockpit: The Digital Manager of Bodily Injury Claims

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 19 Nov, 2018

Claims management

ACTINEO specializes in bodily injury claims and provides services to the insurance industry, especially in the insurance lines “third party/liability” and “private accident insurance”. Currently, the German company processes and digitalizes more than 120.000 bodily injury claims per year. ACTINEO develops prediction models and AI solutions for a customer base of more than 40 insurers. The portfolio includes process automation as well as digital instruments for case management and cost controlling in bodily injury settlement.

The challenge
In the insurance industry, bodily injury claims are still heavily undermanaged and under controlled, even though they have a huge impact on the overall performance. In motor liability insurance, for instance, bodily injury claims are responsible for almost 40 percent of the settlement costs. As a result of this lack of transparency within the claim settlement process, the industry faces problems in the detection of the medical escalation of bodily injury claims. Moreover, there is no detailed medical controlling or cost controlling system in the market. Nor does automation in the settlement process of bodily injury claims take place.

ACTINEO’s digital solution
In order to tackle these problems, the Cologne based Insurtech is developing, among other digital innovative products, the ACTINEO Cockpit, the digital manager of bodily injury claims. The platform fulfils three important goals for the bodily injury claim segment of the insurance industry:

  • transparency in bodily injury covering the whole life cycle of a case
  • case management (meaning “doing the right things at the right time”)
  • controlling of settlement costs and reserves on a normalised basis.

It is a powerful tool for claim handlers who want an active management and ongoing controlling of bodily injury claims">

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