Deutsche Familienversicherung:  the first fully digitized insurer in Germany

Deutsche Familienversicherung: the first fully digitized insurer in Germany

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 19 Nov, 2018

Customer engagement

Die Deutsche Familienversicherung (DFV) is an insurtech & insurance company based in Frankfurt am Main. The scope of approval is property insurance and supplementary health insurance. The main market is Germany, but the company wants to enter the European market. With a combination of award winning products and an IT-platform which can easily accommodate 10x the current client base at little incremental cost thanks to the extensive usage of AI coupled with fully automated, real-time acceptance and processing of applications, they are the first fully digitized insurer in Germany. 

Simple, flexible and award-winning products coupled with an end-to-end digital customer journey, is DFV destine to become a leading insurer. Their key insurance product has been ranked as #1 by Stiftung Warentest (public and independent foundation for customer care) three years in a row. In the last ten years DFV won over 130 product awards.

DFV has grown strongly in the past years. At the moment they serve 500.000 customers with € 72 million premium volume.

The first fully digitized insurer in Germany
DFV is the first fully digitized insurer in Germany, processing the vast majority of its administrative tasks automatically via AI and employing all relevant digital sales and payment channels. They are leaner, faster and more efficient than rivals.

How it works
Simple and easily-understandable insurances, an extended right to revocation and but a daily right to cancellation. Also, an exemption from contributions in case of unemployment or inability to work is included amongst the performance characteristics. Customers can communicate analogously or completely digitally, whereby matters can be processed in real-time. They use artificial intelligence, fully automated systems and portal and web solutions to provide customers with the highest level of convenience and speed.

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