Business Line

P&C Automotive


Presenting the FNOL solution for car claims with a calculation so accurate that it enables to offer a direct cash settlement to the client


The only turn-key, fully automated aerial scouting and low altitude remote sensing cloud platform built exclusively for the insurance sector


The Sherpa Risk Protection Score introduces a customer level of protection, calculated using open data, actuarial data, statistics and AI


White labeled software as a service platform for customer managed claims, with an experience that is quick, simple and efficient 7-10 times faster


A solution to build, manage and optimise chatbots scaling 1:1 communication with customers across messaging channels, markets and languages


Insurance-as-a-Service: digital, legal and insurance infrastructure enabling seamless and massive selling digital insurance products


Unifying core, data and digital will allow insurers to engage all users and provide excellent personalized journeys


With the Amodo platform insurers can create highly targeted marketing and sales campaigns by collecting, analysing and monetising big data


An online car broker providing services in the competitive market of car insurance with touchpoints way beyond the sales transaction

09:18’s global Roadside­as­a­Service platform powers roadside assistance programs, consistently across markets with real­time data/insights


Transforming motor insurance by creating an industry standard for approving repair estimate instantly, using AI for unbiased consistency


GO-WITH-THE-FLOOW, a platform for insurers to offer their clients the opportunity to share their vehicle in a trusted, rewarded and insured manner