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3rd-eyes analytics: Visualise how life events affect your client’s wealth

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 14, 2022

Insurance customers and consumers in general have become more and more self-directed and want to understand their financial situation now and in the future. They want to understand how life events and risks can influence their personal financial situation.

Standardised models and packages do not incorporate the individual circumstances and, therefore, offer little value compared to a personalised proposal.

3rd-eyes analytics aims to build solutions that bring the customer into the centre, by providing a holistic and realistic picture of future developments. The company offers financial institutions flexible, white-labelled SaaS solutions that improve, automate and interactively visualise wealth and life planning.

It aims to revolutionise the field of life planning by providing effective and efficient solutions to financial service providers. With holistic, goal-based, bespoke and fully digitised solutions it enables financial service providers to address their most important value drivers. 3rd eyes analytics’ solution includes all assets and liabilities, goals, pension systems, cash flows and life events into the advisory process to allow identifying a customer’s share of wallet and enable cross- and up-selling.

The solution instantly calculates and plans all influencing factors including the individual financial goals to provide a realistic projection of the future wealth development of a client. It includes a climate change simulator, which shows how climate change affects wealth development and offers optimisation tools to mitigate these climate risks.

Its advisory suite allows advisors to visualise the impact of life events such as disability or death on the personal financial situation in an intuitive way. Its simulation engine instantly shows the negative effect on the current financial status of a client when such a risk materializes and the improvement when providing suitable coverage. This enables insurance companies to utilise their cross-selling opportunities and motivates the client to buy additional services from the insurance company.

3rd-eyes analytics solutions are live and used by several banks and insurance companies located in Europe and the United States either as SaaS or via API.

The company has won several awards throughout the years. It has been selected as a WealthTech 100 three years in a row, has won the Aegon Open Innovation Challenge, and has been a Finalist at the UBS Future of Finance Challenge and the Fintech Germany Award.

How does the solution work?

The solution leverages a sophisticated ALM optimisation that has so far only been accessible to professional investors. This allows a broad range of clients to benefit from a superior methodology. The solution is available in SaaS as an API that can be easily connected to.

The solution simulates wealth development and goal achievement in thousands of scenarios. The portfolio module allows for a number of flexible use cases that allow for optimizing strategic asset allocation based on target functions and mitigation the climate change risks. Taking the CO2 footprint as a variable in the a portfolio module of ESG investments.

Why did we invite 3rd– eyes analytics to present at DIA Munich 2022?

3rd-eyes analytics offers a flexible and modular SaaS solution based on a state-of-the-art IT architecture. With this solution, the company adds to the need of hyper personalisation.

The way it is set up allows for interactivity with the data that is present and has the option to include climate change as a factor determining future health.

At DIA Munich 2022, Holger Pötschke, Senior Director Business Development DACH, will demo the solution. He will simulate the wealth development of a potential customer with and without life events and visualise instantly which impact factors such as climate change, disability and death can have on the personal financial situation.

Who is 3rd-eyes analytics?

The company was founded in 2015 by Stephanie Feigt, who has more than 20 years of experience in asset management and sustainable investing and Rodrigo Amandi, who has more than 15 years of experience in asset management, investment products and indices and sustainable investing.

“We believe that each person is unique and should understand how to fulfil their dreams, get a realistic picture of their future wealth, cover their life risks and invest in a sustainable manner. We facilitate the transition to hyper-personalisation in an efficient and scalable manner, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.”

­Stephanie Feigt – Founder & CEO 3rd-eyes

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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