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Alterna Team: bringing customer experience to the next level

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 29, 2017

Turkish Alterna Team is a customer experience management company powered by Alterna CX software and specific experience advisory. By listening to the voice of customers, employees and 3rd parties; they create, manage and improve strategic customer experience initiatives with direct impact on business objectives. Their clients aspire to outpace their competitors by offering superior customer service. Alterna Team delivers measurable and fast-paced ROI improvements by combining smart technology, hands-on execution advisory and employee training services.

Companies that offer best-in-class customer experiences grow faster and more profitably. To reach this level, insurers must relentlessly improve customer journeys across all channels and business functions. Providing a strong customer experience is not just about reducing the risk of customer service mishaps. It is increasingly a way for companies to distinguish their brands. The insurance industry is highly regulated and highly competitive, and carriers find it increasingly difficult to differentiate their products without lowering prices. Personal lines insurance is becoming similarly transparent. Due to the Internet, aggregators, and social media, shoppers know more than ever about coverage, prices, and services.

The Alterna CX-solution
Alterna Team offers an end to end turnkey solution. Alterna CX solution helps insurers improve the customer experience. They measure the customer experiences in product and service journeys real time through online, social media, mobile and live agent surveys and text analytics. Analyzing performance and initiate improvement actions.

The Alterna CX platform is a self-service portal. It is built to manage existing surveys, add new questions and change flows without assistance. Ability to add, edit different types of questions allowing deep-dive analysis on specific low performance areas. Satisfaction on new product, campaign ideas to test, customer profiling, employee engagement. It is easy to import customer experience survey data from other systems into the Alterna CX platform.

Sompo Japan Insurance, TEB BNP Paribas, Akbank in Turkey are already working with Alterna Team.

The 4 keys of the Alterna solution:
In the moment transactional listening, relational listening, social media and predictive listening. It’s possible with Alterna CX. To get the full picture on what customers think about right after the point of transaction, at any touch point using any channel. Alterna CX supported channels include SMS, live agent, web, mobile app, push notification and social media.


  • With the Emotional Curve- technology, you can view customer journeys as a whole and manage omnichannel experiences dynamically.
  • With the journey drivers you can identify drivers and correlations among attributes for actionable improvement insight. Identify the 20% of improvement areas that drive 80% of your performance. Track your performance continuously and get real-time feedback on how to increase your NPS score.
  • Financial impact tracker; without a visible impact, customer experience may become a ‘soft’ subject in C-level priority list. That’s why on a daily basis you need to analyze and understand the monetary relation among service attributes. Calculate how much value is incrementally gained or lost through changes in customer satisfaction.
  • Text analytics; purpose driven analysis of written customer feedback such as categorizing into actionable buckers, or predicting lifestyles for marketing.
  • Real-time reporting and dashboard; to get the full picture and understand the KPI’s real-time and to report customer experience performance at both operational and executive level.

Take action:

  • Alarm and task management
    Understanding what customers really think about you is not enough. Customers also expect action. Get noticed immediately when your scores drop to critical levels and automatically assign improvement processes. Predict potential issues before they ever happen by raising alarms on low scores and triggering tasks for improvement loops to related parties in organization.

Why we selected Alterna team for DIA Amsterdam
The difference between great and poor customer service has always been clear, and businesses on the wrong end of this spectrum usually pay a price. Today, the consequences of subpar service are amplified by the speed and reach of social media. This is just one reason firms across all industries should increase their focus on providing great customer experience.

Poyraz Ozkan, Founder & Mert Yucesoy, Senior Consultant of Alterna team showcased at DIA Amsterdam their real-time customer experience management platform; Alterna CX,

Who are Alterna Team
Alterna Team is founded in 2015 in Istanbul by Poyraz Ozkan.

The Alterna Team in Istanbul

“If you want continuously listen to the voice of your customers, gather data from different channel, transform your findings into real-time insights and improve your business performance.”Poyraz Ozkan, [email protected] Team


Presenter: Mert Yucesoy
Presenter: Poyraz Ozkan

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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