Appian: makes it easy to build powerful enterprise

Appian: makes it easy to build powerful enterprise

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 3 Jun, 2019

Process automation

Appian is a low-code platform allowing companies to build enterprise wide applications fast. The world’s leading enterprises trust Appian to build digital solutions up to 20X faster and deliver real value to their customers. Appian has customers in many industries, such as Insurance, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Oil & Gas.

Only Appian delivers the speed of enterprise low-code and the power of industry-leading intelligent automation. It’s the secret weapon to put Digital Transformation on the fast track. The Appian platform enables insurance companies to meet the constant changing customer service and market demands on digitization by building applications fast and remain agile, i.e. with the ability to change solution quickly. The applications can integrate new technologies with legacy systems and enhance functionality.

Some large insurance companies like Aviva, Aegon, Aon and MunichRe have chosen Appian as part of their solutions architecture and developing many solutions to support their business. The biggest price they get is when their customers go-live on their solutions. To celebrate this, they give their customers a Lego model representing the solution, its flexibility and the speed in which it was delivered.


Appian enables insurers to close the gap between the digitalization demands and what they can deliver, through a low code platform which is easy to use for creating applications and maintaining them. There are not enough IT people to create IT code using the old methods of software development, let alon">

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