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BigML: Machine Learning made beautifully simple

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 2, 2017

Machine Learning is rewriting the rules of competition across many industries. One of the most successful Machine Learning companies is BigML. The winner of DIAmond Award 2016 liberates Machine Learning from being a non-repeatable, fringe activity practiced by few hard to hire, hard to retain experts, utilizing complex and expensive tools. Now already more than 38,000 users from all over the world enjoy BigML. BigML mission is to make Machine Learning easy and beautiful for everyone. The horizontal Machine Learning as a Service platform (MLaas) can work with data from many industries and enable an infinite number of predictive use cases, all on the same platform. Like Claim Handling, Next best action, Risk assessment, Fraud prediction, and Predictive pricing. The intuitive web interface welcomes non-PhDs to build highly interpretable and exportable models based on a collection of highly scalable and proven algorithms.

The First Voice Controlled Predictive Assistant, Alexa
BigML continues to make many new capabilities and noteworthy improvements to the toolset. The promise of voice recognition has been around for a long time, but it has always been quite miserable. Advances in Machine Learning have improved the capability of voice recognition dramatically and the availability of voice recognition APIs like Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service have made it possible for the rapid adoption of voice controlled applications.
With the new BigML for Alexa skill, which combines the predictive power of BigML with the voice processing capabilities of the Alexa Voice Service, Machine Learning models come alive. Using an Alexa enabled device like an Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, or Amazon Echo Tap, makes it possible to use spoken questions and answers to generate predictions. BigML Alexa is the First Voice Controlled Predictive Assistant, welcome to bot future.


Unlocking the potential of IoT
Many insurance carriers have started IoT initiatives in the last few years. But pilots and experiments have taught insurers that they lack the right data management capabilities to cope with all the new data streams. Insurers want to know how to attract customers, retain them and avoid fraud. The BigML Machine Learning platform provides data mining applications in a format that enables many more people in a company to query and explore data. It is great at identifying patterns in sparse data and zeroing on variables that strongly influence the outcome of events of interest to the insurers like: Will the policy be profitable? How likely is it that the claim is fraudulent? Or how severe a claim will it turn out to be given circumstances? This ‘super-power’ is of enormous value. Each newly discovered pattern can have direct impact on mitigating exposure in future claims thus resulting in huge cost savings for the industry.

Game changer
BigML has set out to create the Machine Learning platform of the 21st century from scratch, so that practitioners and developers can be mainly concerned with driving more value and business results from their data. This harder approach requires a commitment to true innovation instead of stringing together various open source libraries. BigML provides a smart Machine Learning Layer on top of the existing infrastructure. BigML models can easily be deployed by developers using its standards based API that comes with bindings in all popular languages. With BigML solutions your data stays with you, since it applies cloud-born technology behind your firewall. BigML’s flexible deployment model fits the full spectrum of needs ranging from multi-tenant cloud to virtual private cloud and on-premises. For an insurance company requiring full control over all resources, BigML’s on-premises version is a game changer as it enables it to abide by stringent regulatory, security and other company policy imperatives.

Why we selected BigML for DIA Amsterdam
After winning the DIAmond award last year in Barcelona we are pleased BigML will be attending again at DIA Amsterdam. Now demonstrating BigML’s cloud based machine learning platform in interplay with Amazon’s Alexa – Smart Insurance Assistant; the First Voice Controlled Predictive Assistant. And they will prove their motto by creating a prototype of a digital predictive assistant within 10 minutes.

Predictive use cases have a huge potential. Predictive pricing can increase revenues and reduce costs, predictive risk / underwriting can reduce risks. Predictive digital assistants can enable innovations and improve customer engagement. BigML’s platform, private deployments, and rich toolset will continue to help customers create, rapidly experiment, fully automate and manage Machine Learning workflows that power best-in-class intelligent applications.

Who are BigML?
Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, the passionate BigML Team has decades of combined experience in building Machine Learning systems from ground up. Recently they opened a European headquarter in Valencia. Most BigML team members have worked at previous Artificial Intelligence companies founded by BigML’s Co-founder and CEO Francisco J. Martin.

BigML is active in promoting Machine Learning in academia through an education program, reaching over 600 universities worldwide making real BigML’s motto: “Machine Learning made beautifully simple for everyone”.

“We’re hungrier than ever to bring to the market the best Machine Learning software platform there ever was”.
Francisco J. Martin, CEO BigML


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