ChatDichSicher: conversational commerce in insurance

ChatDichSicher: conversational commerce in insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 1 Mar, 2016


ChatDichSicher offers the mobile generation a new and easier way to receive insurance advice and get an insurance policy. The users can communicate through existing messengers like Facebook, Twitter but also through an app. It´s a mobile-only approach and ChatDichSicher is one of the first companies which bring conversational commerce to the insurance industry. The concept will hit the market in April; so we sort of have the international launch at DIA Barcelona.

Insurance via Chat
ChatDichSicher is targeting the young and mobile generation. ChatDichSicher allows users to communicate through existing messengers and social media they are part of their daily life; and an insurance expert helps to find the perfect insurance policy. It only features insurance products which can easily be completed online. The insurance expert can be chosen by the customer or will be assigned when selecting the product. All possible questions can be asked during the conversation and the customer including actually purchasing a policy. Personal data will be transmitted over a secure mobile checkout page. ChatDichSicher is free of charge for its users. The aim is to become a platform for insurance companies and brokers, a new sales channel for existing companies.

Why we selected ChatDichSicher for DIA Barcelona
ChatDichSicher offers an entirely new and different way to select insurance products and communicate with insurance agents. It taps into the daily life of the target audience, the mobile generation that is living social media. ChatDichSicher doesn´t want to be another broker themselves but instead partners with existing brokers and insurance companies. Its chat software enables insurance agencies to receive and answer all the incoming requests from various channels – think Facebook, Twitter -  in one place. Even before launch they attracted the attention of big insurance companies and we´re sure to hear a lot from them in 2016.

Who is ChatDichSicher
ChatDichSicher is a startup from Germany and two of the founders, Matthias Nannt and Antonia Ermacora, are very successful entrepreneurs. With chatShopper they proved that the concept is working with physical products and they are now transferring the concept to other segments. With ChatDichSicher they could prove very quickly that users are willing to adopt the service. The third founder, Catharina Cordes, is an insurance specialist. “We connect insurance companies direct with the young target group. There are no barriers like downloading an app or registration requirements. The users get advice when they need it - direct and everywhere.” Antonia Ermacora, Founder

Chatdichsicher 2              

Presenting at DIA Barcelona Antonia Ermacora, CEO & Co-Founder

Contact info Business Development/Sales: Antonia Ermacora, CEO & Co-Founder, [email protected]

Press/Media: Catharina Cordes, COO, [email protected]


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