Creating real impact with Health and Well-being programmes

Creating real impact with Health and Well-being programmes

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 2 Jul, 2021

Digital health

We’ve recently organized a Virtual Round Table with Virgin Pulse on Health & Well-being programmes. There is a growing interest for these programmes from both the insurers’ and consumers’ perspective. But what’s involved in creating real impact with these programmes and how do you make these programmes activating and engaging for customers?

At DIA, we organize these Round Tables on a regular basis, to talk about opportunities and new developments in insurance, but also to share experiences and learnings, all aimed towards accelerating innovation in insurance. At this Round Table on Health and Well-being programmes, we spoke with Virgin Pulse’s Director of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances, Ludovic Pureur, and Thomas Hach, Director Healthcare Systems at Novartis. We also heard from Alice Sanders, Director of Health Strategy and Consultation at Health insurer Medica, based in the United States.

Introducing Virgin Pulse
Virgin Pulse was founded 17 years ago by Sir Richard Branson, based on the founding principle : ‘If you take care of your employees and your clients, they will take care of your business’. Virgin Pulse provides a mobile-first well-being solution that instils healthy habits to help an organization’s workforce achieve long-term health and productivity results. Virgin Pulse is a behavioural change company that helps people change and maintain their health habits. With 10 offices around the globe and 4000 clients, they have already changed millions of lives.

Health & Well-being programme important differentiator for Health Insurer Medica
Alice Sanders, Director of Health Strategy and Consultation at Health insurer Medica in the United States, shared Medica’s experience with their Health & Well-being programme. Medica has worked with Virgin Pulse since 2015, providing their Heath & Well-being programme to their customers. Alice stated: “We know that supporting behaviour change and then rewarding members for engaging in healthy lifestyles can ultimately reduce progression to chronic conditions. We appreciate the flexibility of Virgin Pulse to provide a solution that can be personalized for each customer, taking into account their employee culture and preferences, and then create an experience that is unique and meet customers where they're at.”

Medica’s customers have had significant success leveraging the Health and Well-being programme. A good example is one of Medica’s customers, who introduced their Virgin Pulse programme about five years ago. They have seen an increase in their low risk population from around 70 percent, to now 85 percent. Alice: “This is a really big win for our customer. As an insurer, we know that risk directly correlates to the cost of those employees in terms of their medical plan.”

Offering a strong Health & Well-being programme is not only helping Medica’s customers make their people healthier and reducing risk and costs as a result. It is also helping Medica differentiate themselves from their competitors in term">

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