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Digital Fineprint: turning open data into insurance data

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 4, 2018

Currently based in the UK and Singapore, Digital Fineprint (DFP) uses open data to help insurers and brokers sell better. There’s a lot of open and internal data available to the insurance industry that they are not leveraging. DFP harnesses that data and uses AI to generate predictive models and create insights improving insurance distribution.

DFP was named ‘Best General Start-Up in the UK’ in 2016 as well as won the UK Business Angel Association award for ‘Best Investment in Fintech’ in July 2017 and ‘Best Insurtech’ at The Digital Insurer. They have also recently won an Award for the Best Fintech at the Invest HK Award 2018 and been selected for Insurtech Europe powered by Plug and Play Incubator.

The start-up is already revenue generating and can count Hiscox, QBE, Met Life, Allianz as its clients and they recently signed another major insurance client.

How it works

Digital Fineprint doesn’t just aggregate data but builds predictive models that generate product recommendations tailored to the SME needs in GDPR compliant way. Insurance companies are seeing the value that harnessed data can play in the value chain, and they are interested in engaging with new business models that will enable them to service their commercial lines better.

  • Connect: they help insurers and brokers create LinkedIn and other online advertising strategies that deliver real ROI from day one.
  • Capture: they help to create stronger links with customers and partners through capturing relevant internal data and publicly accessible resources in GDPR compliant way.
  • Analyze: using machine learning, they create actionable insights for distribution, underwriting and marketing strategies.
  • Engage: they help to improve the online customer experience and offer better product recommendations by using tools that allow prefilling SME data.

Why we selected Digital Fineprint for DIA Amsterdam
Digital Fineprint developed a ground-breaking technology into the insurance industry helping insurers to gain new customers and new data points. This is a genuine application of artificial intelligence to distill insights from open data and improve insurance distribution and sales.

Erik Abrahamsson, Founder & CEO of Digital Fineprint will talk at the DIA about their tool for insurance brokers and agents that enables them to increase speed to market, presents up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and competitive insights.

Who is Digital Fineprint
Founded in 2016 by Erik Abrahamsson while doing his MBA in Oxford. Digital Fineprint is a VC backed Insurtech based in London. The team is now 16 people and growing. They closed their Seed Round led by Pentech Ventures in December 2017, to the tune of $2.7M. Digital Fineprint is now generating revenue, developing new products and expanding their market reach.

Launched out of Oxford University and accelerated by Allianz and Accenture’s, the company is now backed by Eos Venture Partners and Pentech. ($3.1m in total). Insurers such as Hiscox, QBE, and MetLife have partnered with Digital Fineprint and the startup is now expanding its presence in the UK and abroad.

”Digital Fineprint was founded to bring ground-breaking technology into insurance industry helping insurers to gain new customers and new data point.” Erik Abrahamsson, CEO and Founder of Digital Fineprint

Erik Abrahamsson, CEO and Founder of Digital Fineprint

The team of Digital Fineprint


Presenter 1: Erik Abrahamsson
Presenter 2: Alex Hammick

Contact info: Anna Kurman
Email: [email protected]

Barcelona 28 - 29 June 2023


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