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eKincare: predictive analytics for healthcare alerts & manage medical history

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 16, 2017

India’s fastest growing healthcare tech startup, eKincare, uses predictive analytics for healthcare alerts. A patent pending wellness platform integrates medical records, healthcare services and predictive analytics to design wellness initiatives & reduce healthcare costs. eKincare helps users store their medical history online and partners with healthcare and wellness providers. The startup empowers users to take charge of their health by enabling them to monitor critical medical info and make it available anywhere, anytime. eKincare lowers all the barriers and excuses for people to consolidate their medical history. They convert it into a format, with color-code, graphical history, and timeline, which is easy to understand.

While the platform is free for users with no limit on the data stored, the firm earns a sales commission from the healthcare organizations it has partnered with. eKincare gathers the results from a growing list of dental, body and vision health partners, updates the user profile and provides a user-friendly digital platform to view. They aim to identify potential health risks, inform the user and motivate him to take necessary steps towards improving health. The Indian startup counts already 300.000 users and partnered with over 1,500 diagnostic centers across 33 cities in India. eKincare has in more than 15 big clients, including the likes of Barclay’s, Swiss Re, Aditya Birla, United Health, OPTUM, and WNS Global. eKincare is ISO 27001 certified for information security and privacy.

Family management
With eKincare, the user can not only manage his own personal health but also the health of the entire family from his own eKincare profile. It is possible to create separate profiles for spouse or partners, parents, and children. The convenience of keeping track of all the family’s medical history and staying informed about next follow up all at one place. The family health record management is automated – eKincare links the records to each of the family health records giving everyone a complete family medical history.

They are one of the top six Indian startups to be selected by Swiss Re for its First Ever Global Accelerator Program.

Healthcare tech and analytics
Being a healthcare tech and analytics company, understanding market requirements and pivoting through fast product iterations has been the key to moving rapidly in the healthcare industry. With their industry-wide B2B and B2C solutions and the leveraging of their digital platform as a mode of communication to connect all the stakeholders, they have been significantly able to reduce costs, operational time and hassles at every touchpoint.

eKincare assists insurers with understanding the medical patterns and the various health risks amongst the Insurance Holders, helping them understand and predict the Medical Claims. 

Meet Flo, the intelligent chatbot
eKincare has developed a new dimension to their eKincare app: Flo, the intelligent chatbot for anyone who wants to Assess, Track and Stay informed about their entire family’s health, anytime anywhere with the tap of a button. For health queries like “What’s my BP” or “What’s my Fasting Blood Sugar count”, you no longer need to browse through your records, now it’s just a command away. This kind of contextual and dynamic communication is what makes Flo: a revolutionary unique health technology bot which comes handy to track day to day activities, with unparalleled 24X7 customer services with personalized engagement.

Flo is now fully integrated with eKincare’s existing functionalities and community, giving the ability to use all powerful features with text commands. It is the personalized health assistant and the one stop solution for all the health queries and services.

Why we selected eKincare for DIA Munich
eKincare lowered all the barriers for an individual to take a proactive approach for a healthy future in a very user-friendly way. The combination of monitoring medical information, actionable health insights, and discounted healthcare services anywhere, at any time, with a click of a button is a breakthrough. eKincare offers Insurers the chance to assist their customers in taking the best health decisions with an integrated solution. Resulting in lower claim ratios through targeted interventions.

Who is eKincare?
Kincare was established in October 2014 by Kiran Kalakuntla, a Duke University graduate and AT&T alumnus, Dinesh Koka (co-founder and COO), and Srikanth Samudrala.

Kiran Kalakuntla, a Duke University graduate with over a decade of experience, launching over 30 technology products in the US, decided to start eKincare, and was soon joined by r.

The startup received a seed funding from Hyderabad-based Bitkemy Ventures and Adroitent. With the Indian government’s greater push towards taking India digital, they are all in for the upcoming challenges.

‘eKincare is an online and offline solution for an individual to assess, track and stay informed about their health. We have recently launched our beta platform and Android app where users can upload their medical records, and we would digitize it in a user-friendly, structured data format which is very detailed and easy to understand compared to what users are used to today. We then analyze that data to build recommendations to keep the user on a healthy path.” Kiran Kalakuntla, founder eKincare

Kiran Kalakuntla, founder eKincare

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