hepster business: making insurance as easy as online shopping

hepster business: making insurance as easy as online shopping

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 6 Sep, 2018

Micro insurance

German startup hepster business develops technical products, digital solutions and services for all market players. They digitize insurance products and integrate them into digital processes. hepster business unites risk carriers, B2B partners and end consumers within their digital platform ecosystem.

hepster offers short-term insurance for activities and equipment of one day duration in the sports and adventure area. As Insurech, hepster integrates insurance products as lifestyle products into the digital everyday life of modern society. Technology and design turn a bureaucratic powerhouse into a situational lifestyle product. Customers can book individual hedges online that are tailored to their particular situation. For example, a ski insurance can be taken out for three days via the hepster-Shop, which protects both the person and the equipment. This is possible thanks to the development of a fully digital value creation chain from booking to notification of damage. hepster's claim is to make insurance as easy as online shopping.

hepster allow insurers to launch digital insurance products in just one day
hepster business created a highly performant platform ecosystem, that enables insurers to launch digital and on demand insurance products in the fastest possible way; just one day. They also provide modules out of their insurance platform and special flexible, on demand insurance products for brokers. Other target groups are e-commerce and platform providers, where they integrate customized insurance products via API into their checkout processes. Special features are White Label, API-first, Mobile-First and Analytics.

hepster platform
The technical heart of the hepster platform is realized by means of an "elastic, automatically scaling">

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