HiNounou: Insurtech Robots  as a Service for the World's Seniors

HiNounou: Insurtech Robots as a Service for the World's Seniors

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 31 Aug, 2018

Digital health

HiNounou Intelligent Robot (Shanghai) Company Ltd. is a connected healthcare and intelligent data platform company on a mission to empower the world's Seniors to live longer, healthier and happier, at home. And in turn this provides peace of mind to Seniors as well as their families. HiNounou is a holistic and innovative home wellness solution and powered by AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Genomics. HiNounou's platform and ecosystem enables AXA Partners China and Ping An's first dedicated "insurance as a service" product for China's Seniors, regardless of their medical history. HiNounou provides Seniors and their families with a one stop, comprehensive home wellness solution.

HiNounou's wellness platform and ecosystem provide Seniors with access to no-underwriting accident and death insurance as a service up to the age of 100 years through its partner, China's #1 insurer, PingAn. A 24/7 teleconsultation hotline to medical professionals, is delivered in partnership with the world's leading insurer AXA, through the AXA Partners China teams.

Following a combined 12 years of R&D in 4 countries, with 4 Nobel Prize-winning University Hospitals, HiNounou has designed a comprehensive healthcare as a service solution for Seniors. HiNounou aims to empower Seniors to live healthier in the comfort of their own homes and in turn provide peace of mind to Seniors as well as their families with its holistic and innovative home wellness solution.

Today the average life expectancy in China for Seniors is 75 years, however, the average healthy life expectancy is only 68 years. This leaves 7 years where the person will be unhealthy, resulting in a significant financial burden on the Senior and their families, with more than 50% of health expenses being paid out of pocket. 80% of chronic diseases can be mitigated with healthy lifestyle choices. While chronic diseases account for 63% of global deaths, health systems are preformatted to cure rather than to prevent illness. A lack of monitoring and preventive measures also result in a lack of timely and effective care. In addition, an acute shortage of caregivers and eldercare facilities for Seniors means a lonely and difficult experience of growing old at home.

How HiNounou works
HiNounou has developed a comprehensive home wellness solution that encourages healthy ageing for the world's Seniors.

  • A Home Wellness Kit that includes Connected Medical Devices (IoT) for regular biomarker monitoring, a DNA Genomic Test specially formulated for chr">

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