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HOVER: Accurate, Interactive 3D Models of Any Property

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 1, 2018

DIAmond award winner HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model. HOVER’s insurance industry customers use the up-to-date measurements to reduce claim adjusting costs, decrease cycle times and improve the overall customer experience. Exterior contractors use HOVER to save time and money on measuring projects, establish instant credibility and close more business. Homeowners love the design features that allow them to visualize what their exterior remodeling project will look like.

Faster, more accurate measurements without the hassle
In comparison to other third-party measurement providers which mostly rely on outdated aerial imagery or drone footage, HOVER strictly relies on smartphone imagery and deep learning algorithms to produce 3D models of buildings and derive accurate measurements. The HOVER technology is very easy to use; users only need to take photos and don’t need to put up objects for scale effect, nor do they need to plug any special hardware into the phone.

HOVER has reached enterprise agreements with more than 20 U.S. property carriers, including eight of the Top 10. Ninety-eight percent of claims were successfully self-serviced with HOVER. Based on data and results from these companies, claims leaders believe their platform can be utilized in resolving up to 50% of all exterior property claims in the U.S

Advantages for insurers

  • Currently, many insurance companies send a claims adjuster onsite to capture photos of the damage and take measurements. Only after visiting the property in person can they adjust the claim. HOVER empowers customers by allowing them to take ownership of their claim through a ‘self-service‘ model. That way, insurance companies can reduce the cycle time from days and weeks to minutes and hours.
    • Data from several thousand claims resolved with HOVER shows carriers settle claims more quickly, cutting down a 30-minute phone call with a customer to a 3-5 minute call. By decreasing claims cycle times, HOVER allows carriers to desk adjust more claims per day.
    • Claims insurers save between $400 and $500 in costs per claim by relying on homeowners to capture the imagery on their smartphones. This saves them the need to schedule an appointment with an onsite adjuster.
  • Roof damage makes up the majority of residential claims, many of those homes also incur siding damage. HOVER is the only remote measurement solution that provides detailed and accurate measurements for elevations, specifically for siding, windows, overhangs and other materials with great accuracy.
  • Traditionally, most desk adjusters are able to approve lower value claims, but with the HOVER solution they are able to estimate more complex claims.
  • HOVER provides additional customer “stickiness” for insurance carriers. Homeowners gain access to exterior measurements and a 3D model of their home that they can utilize while repairing their home after the claim has been processed as well as in the future for additional exterior home improvement projects.

How it works
The policyholder captures photos of their property with the HOVER app. In return, the insurance adjuster and the policyholder receive the 3D model with accurate exterior measurements. This allows the insurance carrier to desk adjust the claim and the homeowner can design the exterior of their house on a 3D model.

  1. First notice of loss
  2. Interview customer to see if claim fits parameters for desk adjusting
  3. Invite customer to HOVER
  4. Customer downloads HOVER and takes photos
  5. Carrier and customer receive 3D model and measurements

               Timeline from first notice of loss to claim settled.

Why we selected HOVER for DIA Amsterdam
Using smartphone photos to reduce claims adjusting costs. HOVER simplifies the whole measurement process and their app is already called one of the most useful tools for the building, real estate and the insurance industry. Claims settlement will become an automated, self-service and quick to pay experience for customers. The cost saving for a carrier using HOVER averages $500 per claim, and at the same time providing a much superior customer experience.

At DIA Amsterdam, Kevin Reilley, EVP Corporate Development and Strategy and
A.J. Altman, Founder and CEO will showcase one of the newest features, HOVER Connect, which allows insurance adjusters to invite a homeowner to capture their property, so the claim can be adjusted remotely.

Who is HOVER?
Founded in 2011 in Palo Alto California by A.J. Altman, a former infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps, HOVER’s original product was used by the U.S. Military to reduce risk for personnel in harm’s way. Today, HOVER’s technology is transforming a market that has been notoriously difficult to change: home improvement. By building the world’s most comprehensive and accurate database of physical properties, HOVER is creating the future of 3D property data.

In January 2018, HOVER announced that it has raised a $25 million Series B led by Google Ventures, Home Depot and Standard Industries. HOVER has raised $62 million in funding to date.

A.J. Altman, Founder and CEO HOVER

“It is a simple, on-demand solution for anyone that needs exterior measurements generated automatically as a service.  This allows professionals to focus on their business, providing home improvement or other services, not measuring buildings to estimate or quote said services,” CEO & founder HOVER Inc. A.J. Altman.


Presenter 1: A.J. Altman
Presenter 2: Kevin Reilley

Contact info: Dena Nejad
Email: [email protected]

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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