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IMburse: Hyper-personalization & glocalization through advanced payment platform

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 12, 2018

IMburse, a promising startup from Switserland, is an advanced cloud-based payments platform that brings together all transaction technologies, from all markets, in all currencies. IMburse is founded to bridge the gap that exists between modern payment platforms and large corporates of any kind. Through the IMburse platform companies can easily integrate next generation payment capabilities without deep changes to legacy IT systems. Together with the advanced API’s, clients can deploy new customer journeys and products whilst significantly reducing payments-related IT costs and fees.

With IMburse insurers can reinvent their customer journeys and products to be hyper-personalized by leveraging global as well as local ecosystems in a very simple and quick way. Deploying advanced payment capabilities with integrated offers without requiring any massive IT build or integration work. Transactions include more than cash, IMburse provides an innovative solution that brings together all transaction technologies for the benefit of the insurers’ customer.

Reduce Payment Related IT Cost by 60%
IMburse is the way to modernize payment capabilities. The country- and currency-independent API platform allows clients to easily create or leverage glocal (global+local) ecosystems and to enhance customer value proposition significantly (more than € 1 trn globally) while at the same time reducing payments-related IT costs by about 60% and transaction fees by 10%. Even legacy system capabilities can be significantly and quickly enhanced without major IT intervention.

The IMburse platform is live and can, through their platform partners, transact in any country, any currency and with many technologies. IMburse is currently working with 4 – 6 clients, focused on Switzerland and continental Europe and aims to facilitate around € 50 mil in payments before the end of the year (in PoCs only). They have 2 pilots being launched, with a bank in Switzerland as well as a major insurer.

Revolutionizing how loyalty programs are conceived, built and leveraged
At the moment IMburse is working with an insurer on a new way for a customer to claim for lost or stolen items (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cameras). Instead of paying out cash for the replacement the insurer can offer the client 3 options:

  • cash-out (in own bank account or e-wallet in any currency)
  • a link to order the new device online NOW and have it delivered
  • instant cash to buy a replacement at the closest store

All with very little IT work from insurer, lots of costs saved and fast deployment time

How it works
IMburse believes in some simple truths that drive customer engagement and deliver business value. It should be as easy to pay out money as it is to collect it. It should be easy to move money between payment technologies. It should be easy to offer clients any payment type in any currency in any market. It should be easy to connect automation directly to payments. It should not be expensive or difficult to implement ALL these capabilities. It was their belief in these truths that inspired them to build the IMburse platform, which is a combination of three core capabilities

The IMburse platform is a combination of three core capabilities: IMpay, IMpurse & IMpower. Through the single integration point that is IMburse, companies get access to APIs that will allow them to collect and pay out money in any market, any currency and any technology easily and quickly. Companies can also easily deploy advanced automation models directly to payments to significantly reduce costs and unlock new offerings.

IMburse focuses on building the best customer journey-experience that drives very high perceived and actual customer value.  IMburse guarantees customers that they will be able to deliver it in the way end-customers want.  No limitations due to IT capabilities and red-tape processes

Why we selected IMburse for DIA Amsterdam
We selected IMburse for DIA Amsterdam because IMburse enables insurers to really improve the customer experience and revolutionize their value proposition to their customers (journey and product) in a way that allows fast-to-market as well as reduction of costs. IMburse provides an innovative solution that brings together all transaction technologies for the benefit of the insurers’ customer.

At DIA Amsterdam IMburse will be presenting a live demo of the IMburse platform: what clients see & the core functionality (development portal, choosing pay-in and pay-out profiles, marketing tagging (for hyper-local offers).

Who is IMburse?
IMburse is a Swiss-registered company that was founded in 2016 by the 4 co-founders. Oliver Werneyer (CEO), Carl Strempel (CFO), David Scott Turner (CTO) and Mark Jerome (Lead Developer). They have a strategic partnership with WorldPay that enables them to be able to transact in all (non-sanctioned) markets and currencies with all PCI compliance and regulatory framework in place. They have been boot-strapped up until Jan 2018 when they closed their angel round with an amazing set of angel investors.

Their first developer conference is planned for late 2018.

” The power of delivering value to your customer or impacting their behavior is in the moment when a transaction takes place. This is where you need to be at your most capable, flexible and comprehensive in terms of what you have to offer your customer. Investing smartly in this area will set you apart and help you put and keep your customer at the center. IMburse is this smart investment through which you will be able to enhance your customer value proposition while driving down costs.” Oliver Werneyer CEO & Co-founder IMburst


Presenter 1: Oliver Werneyer
Presenter 2: David Scott Turner

Contact info: Oliver Werneyer
Email: [email protected]

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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