Koble: The open platform for digital insurance distribution at scale

Koble: The open platform for digital insurance distribution at scale

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 27 Oct, 2020

Koble is an API-first platform that delivers the scalable, digital distribution of insurance products. Their suite of APIs translates the insurance lifecycle into separate applications that can be easily consumed by any digital channel or application. It requires fewer or no IT resources, while increasing agility and speed-to-market. Koble has a developer-first approach that helps insurers on the one side and brokers, aggregators, or affinity channels on the other to digitise the distribution of insurance products via APIs.

Koble originates from DIA Alumni wefox Group where it leverages the expertise and experiences of neo-insurer ONE Insurance and the distribution channel wefox.

How Koble transforms the insurance landscape
Looking at the global market, it has become clear in recent years that the industry needs to evolve. More than a few carriers still rely on paper-based processes. Others are further ahead and use APIs. But more often than not, those APIs are delivered as one-to-one connections built for a specific product and channel. These require substantial input from engineering, product managers, and actuaries on the insurer side. In times of accelerated change, this has burdened the industry with a somewhat heavy-footed approach to shifting business needs and emerging channels.

Instead, Koble provides insurers and MGAs with a platform and the right tools to digitise any insurance product and share each product with an unlimited number of distributors. At the same time, distributors gain immediate access to best-in-class APIs and up-to-date documentation. Instead of months, it only takes weeks or even days until they can integrate insurance products and start quoting and binding. All this comes in the shape ">

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