Kruzr: Driving Assistant for truly preventive motor insurance

Kruzr: Driving Assistant for truly preventive motor insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 25 Sep, 2018

Connected Vehicle

Kruzr is a mobile app which turns the driver’s smartphone into a driving assistant to help him mitigate the risks he faces while driving. Kruzr understands the context of driving in real-time and through its voice interface designed for driving, guides drivers to mitigate the risks of road accidents due to mobile distractions, drowsy driving, speeding, and external risks like weather or accident-prone roads.

Being a mobile tech solution, Kruzr has the potential to scale quickly and reach every driver in the world.

Kruzr cuts down distracted driving by 80% and is estimated to increase profits for insurers by ~15%. Other modules on drowsy driving, speeding, and external risk factors are based on machine learning, and their effectiveness will increase steadily as the numbers of users and km driven increases. These modules are currently in early stages of customer testing.

Close to 75% of accidents happen due to preventable factors mentioned above. These preventable accidents alone result in losses of close to 200 Billion USD annually for motor insurance companies. Due to these factors, most motor insurance companies operate at a claims settlement to underwriting ratio of more than 80%. By integrating Kruzr in the existing mobile apps of insurers they help keep their customers safe and reduce accidents and thereby claims.

Currently, Kruzr has initiated trials with four major insurance companies in Europe and three in India. Kruzr not only helps reduce claims, but the contextual data captured helps underwriting teams develop a deep understanding of their customers. And the driving assistant engages with customers every time they drive, introducing a new paradigm of customer engagement in the insurance industry.

How it works

Kruzr helps the driver in mitigating the risks from Distracted Driving, Over-speeding, Drowsy Driving, and Ext">

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