More Health: the global platform for digital health management

More Health: the global platform for digital health management

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 20 May, 2021

Digital health

The health insurance sector is evolving, with health insurers focusing more on helping their customers lead healthier lives and improving their well-being. With the rapid development and fast growth of mobile internet, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, digital health management is emerging as a critical component for health insurance. It allows insurers to provide their customers with personalised health- and well-being plans and recommendations, while at the same time improving underwriting and risk control.

More Health is a health technology company focused on behaviour data and artificial intelligence. Established in 2015, they now have over 80 million users, whom they help to achieve healthier behaviours and reduce the risk of diseases. Their data-driven health management platform empowers the digitalisation of underwriting, customer service and risk control for health insurance. More Health already works with more than 60 insurance companies in China.

How it works
More Health uses its data-driven health management platform to help health insurance companies with underwriting, health services and risk control. It provides a convenient one-stop solution for insurers, insurance agents and customers.
Their platform builds a bridge between insurers and their customers, allowing for high frequency interaction – all geared towards helping people get well, be well and stay well.
The platform connects with more than 300 different smart devices, including smart bracelets, sphygmomanometers, glucometers, body fat calculators, thermometers and more, enabling customers to easily measure and track their health condition and activities at home or on-the-go.

More Health and Canada Wellness Institute, a global leader in medically-based fitness services, have created a joint venture company that integrates new medical fitness facilities and online ">

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