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Neener Analytics: automated risk decisioning to 1-click of the consumer’s social media profile

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 4, 2019

California-based Neener Analytics is the leader in computational social science and the only social media analytics technology that delivers specific, individual, risk outcomes in a 100% friction-less environment. They have automated financial risk decisioning to 1-click of the consumer social media profile. They are 100% opt-in. They are Small Data, Not Big Data which allows them to deliver prediction accuracies of over 80%.

At the moment Neener Analytics is active in 8 countries worldwide with 5 risk products and they will be announcing their newest line soon. CIO Review Magazine named Neener Analytics among the Top 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Companies 2017 and founder/CEO Jeff LoCastro was recently selected by MirrorReview Magazine at Top 10 Most Disruptive Tech Entrepreneurs to look for in 2019. The startup is selected by BNP Paribas to pilot their solution in the European market.

Neener approach
Neener Analytics goes further than just “measuring likes and friends,” what they described as the “you-are-who-your-friends-are” approach that is unfounded because “we’re not who our friends are.”
Instead, Neener Analytics looks at each user’s individual social media presence and leverages social biometrics to determine their risk.

Biometrics of personality
Credit and financial risk assessment systems using historical, transactional, and relational data simply don’t provide individually actionable projective insight. Neener Analytics developed a regulatory compliant social media analytics technology for lenders, insurance companies, and other risk-centric businesses. This technology enables them to better decision and understand specific individual risk outcomes of thin-file, no-file and credit challenged consumers using their patent-pending personality and behavior analytics technology. They decision individual human characteristics, not transactions, history, or relationships. They have also redefined the idea of the social login. No longer is it simply a way to prepopulate applications or registrations. That’s old stuff. Neener Analytics turned it into a portable financial persona.

They are using today’s technology to decision people the way people used to be decisioned: Based on the content of their character, their individual risk traits, and who they are fundamentally as unique human beings. Neener Analytics gives the user the power to fundamentally “know” their applicant, registrant, or customer all in just 1-click.

Neener Analytics solution works. Every time. Globally they average:

  • 30% fewer defaults (30% reduction in negative outcomes)
  • 26% more policies/loans (with zero increased risk threshold)
  • 43% more profit
  • 44% more application completions
  • 87% opt-in rate

How it works

Why we selected Neener Analytics for DIA Amsterdam

Neener Analytics cracked the code of small data. What they do is game-changing, it fundamentally alters the analytics paradigm. It is social media analytics re-invented. With automated financial risk decisioning insurers are empowered to ‘know’ their customer in just 1-click which will increase conversion and revenues.

At DIA Amsterdam Jeff LoCastro founder (CEO) and Marc Tomlinson, Co-Founder (CTO) will take the audience through their solution and the user experience and present results.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Neener Analytics?
Founded in 2016 by Jeff LoCastro, CEO and Marc Tomlinson CTO. The startup is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Jeff was a member of the initial executive team of the inventors of online social network and was one of the first to extract innovative insights from social network data. He was one of the first to connect affinity and behavior to understand non-linear correlations.  Based on his ability to extract unique insights, Jeff pioneered the first ever effective CPA (cost-per-action) model which became the basis of all future social analytics models, as well as the foundation for all social media monetization.

Marc is one of the top scientists in the world working on complex problems in natural language understanding, modeling social relations, and understanding how much people really want something.  His focus is on building end-to-end systems for understanding behavior based psychological factors, metaphors, social relations, communication style and an individual’s level of motivation based on their culture, personality, and interactions. Marc built the core tech for the US Government in the detecting of online terror plots/terror plots online and through social media.

“Back in 1940, when my grandfather bought his first house, he walked into the bank and the banker said, “Hey! I know you.” Right? I know YOU. My other grandfather, who didn’t live in the same city or state, if he were to walk into that same bank the banker would say, “I don’t know you, but I know people like you. Neener Analytics was founded on the premise that each human being deserves to be decisioned as they are: a unique individual human being, and not be tossed into an aggregation as if they are cattle or chattel. That only through individual understanding can authentic risk be understood.”
Jeff LoCastro, CEO & founder Neener Analytics

“Payment technology is great. But unless you know you’re going to get paid, making payments more efficient doesn’t have a revenue effect. Going all ‘blockchain’ is the new cool, but you have to have money to run through it. You better have the very best friction-less analytics on your front end.” Marc Tomlinson, CTO & Co-founder Neener Analytics

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