Neosurance: protection when and where it matters

Neosurance: protection when and where it matters

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 1 Oct, 2018

Micro insurance

Neosurance, twice recognized among the best startups in the InsurTech Industry, provides insurance companies and digital communities with an AI and machine learning platform to enable the sale of instant micro-policies through push notifications on the smartphone, when and where it matters, with the help of Behavioral and Data Sciences. Their solution allows insurers to sell contextual based micro policies via push notifications which arrive directly to the user’s smartphone. By gathering contextual data related to the customer at a given time, the intelligent system is capable of identifying the potential specific insurance need for that customer and send a notification on the smartphone.

Neosurance’s AI delivers not only personalized insurance offers to each customer but also does it at the right time and with the right message. In this way Neosurance manages to create insurance-backed life experiences that meet the customer's immediate needs and drive the use of instant mobile insurance. Neosurance solution is based on a partner-friendly (plug and play) module to deliver insurance covers: the key feature is a software development kit (SDK), easily embeddable in any third-party app, permitting the offer and sale of contextual based micro policies.

Neosurance establish partnerships with app-based communities of users as they do not need to go after single users. For the community they offer the possibility of monetizing their community of users while giving them additional services. They also work with different insurance companies in Italy and abroad including: AXA Italy, RGA, Bene Assicurazioni and Squarelife (Lichtenstein).

Push instead of pull
Using personalized push notifications in order to propose insurance policies based on machine learning is what makes them different and is the opposite of the pull or on-demand appr">

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