Digital Insurance Agenda Premium Frontends for Insurance – as a service

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 25, 2018

Danish startup is a premium frontend platform for innovative Insurers and insurance brokers that want to provide superior customers journeys. provides the ability to build modular & reusable frontends faster than ever before. Providing users with pluggable frontend components, APIs to insurance systems and a store of micro-services ready to use.

Their ambition is to make the insurance sector more transparent.  They do so by developing advanced software technology that simplifies digital distribution and sales of insurances.

They create a unique next-generation customer experience in relation to the process of quoting and purchasing insurances. This is enabled with customer centric APIs and intelligence software. is delivering for top-tier insurers in the Danish insurance market is currently expanding to the UK market.

Core features: provides a complete frontend platform enabling rapid development of insurance apps which easily can be integrated into any future or existing cms platforms. 

Why we selected for DIA Amsterdam
We selected for DIA Amsterdam because their software technology simplifies digital distribution of insurances.  They provide a new and innovative technology for building superior customer journeys at a high pace due to’s standard APIs and AI micro-services.

Who is is founded early 2016 by two good friends from Copenhagen; Jeppe Klausen and Esben Toftdahl Nielsen. Both have an extensive background building and scaling it company both within and outside of the insurance sector.


Our mission is to empower insurers to provide superior customer journeys”
Jeppe Klausen (CEO)


Jeppe Klausen, Co-founder & CEO and Esben Toftdahl Nielsen Co-founder


Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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