Peregrine Technologies: puts the insurer in the passenger seat with real-time video analytics

Peregrine Technologies: puts the insurer in the passenger seat with real-time video analytics

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 16 Dec, 2019

Connected Vehicle

Peregrine Technologies is a Berlin-based AI technology company that is improving road safety and minimizing CO2 emissions from transportation in cities. By deriving video context from real-time traffic scene imagery, they deliver a data set for digital insurance and transportation services.

Peregrine’s value proposition for insurers is rooted in utilizing visual context and data to rethink commercial fleet insurance. Commercial fleets have been growing at impressive rates that will continue to increase in the coming years as new mobility services are launched. Processing visual data from vehicles through their platform provides more reliable risk assessments, adds certainty, and provides insights that simulate insurers accompanying drivers on every trip. The in-car warning system powered by real-time image analysis enables fleets to avoid 70% of current accidents while also driving cost savings through customizable insurance plans and price points for customers.

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