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Pixoneye: analyses personal photo galleries using AI to help companies truly understand their mobile consumers & personalize their experience

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 14, 2018

British-Israeli startup Pixoneye offers the ability to analyze the untapped power of mobile users’ photo galleries on behalf of their clients. It is a data analytics SaaS company, which analyses personal photo galleries using AI to help companies truly understand their mobile consumers & personalize their experience. Pixoneyen harness the full potential of image understanding on mobile devices to provide the ultimate key to capture the consumer’s ever-changing needs. The startup redefines personalized marketing by offering unparalleled predictive accuracy and actionable clustering and can be integrated with client’s CRM system, Marketing Automation, and/or Ad-serving Platform, etc.

Data mining on mobile devices still relies on primitive capabilities such as geolocation and browsing patterns and many companies attempt to create recommendations and predictions based on this primitive data. Pixoneye has created a technological solution that allows marketers and brands to analyze and personalize their mobile audiences based on their personal photo and video albums.
The software can establish personal details just by scanning a user’s smartphone gallery. Using image recognition and object-detection technology, it builds a lifestyle profile based on the images stored on the user’s phone gallery. The UK-Israeli startup gives apps the opportunity to understand what’s in a user’s gallery; learning their story, anticipating their future, serving them better. Apps can now deliver unprecedented personalized experiences that enrich the user’s life.

Pixoneye is currently working with key Partners in Insurance, Retail Banking, Retail, Social, Travel, Research and Loyalty and has won a lot of prices. Like Top 100 UK Startups – Startups 2017,
Top 50 Fastest-growing companies in the UK – Sonovate 2017, Top 100 disruptive brands 2017 – 100 disruptive brands 2017, 2nd in Unilever’s next big thing – The next big thing 2017, BIMA Award finalist 2017, Retail Week, Top 50 UK and Ireland Innovations 2017, Start-up battle – 1st place start up battlefield 2017 etc.etc.

Working with Pixoneye is about owning the data that is generated from customers. Customers take and receive photos every day, and Pixoneye can analyze these in real time providing the Partner with an ever-changing view of the customer as they navigate their life journey. This provides the Partner the opportunity to be proactive in building its relationship with its customers. With the Pixoneye platform, it is not just about data, but also having an environment from which you can contact customers through in app push notifications or in app personalization.

  • Pixoneye can generate unique understanding about customers, foresee life events before they happen such as moving home, having a baby, or going on a holiday.
  • Pixoneye partners own the data gained about the users and do not have to use it within the data providers platform (e.g, google/facebook).
  • Pixoneye has accuracy levels at a minimum of 80%.
  • There is no limit to the characteristics and life events that Pixoneye can generate about its partners customers, if the data exists in the photo gallery they can train the algorithm to search for them.
  • Pixoneye is built for the post GDPR era where clear consent requires to be obtained from the user.
  • The image gallery is dynamic (ie people take new photos every day) meaning that the understanding of customer will evolve with them.

How it works
Pixoneye created AI technology to empower businesses to gain a deep actionable understanding of their customers. They do this by accessing and analyzing a rich data set; the mobile phone photo gallery on device. From which they generate unique user understanding and can predict key life events including moving home, pregnancy and vacation.
The technology can be implemented into any mobile app, is channel agnostic and can help any company with a mobile app truly understand their customers and hyper-personalize their experience.

Why we selected Pixoneye for DIA Amsterdam
The albums on our phones paint a detailed picture of who we are, what we’re into and what’s happening in our lives. Our social media posts are what we choose to share with the world, often heavily filtered and edited, whereas a phone is an untapped resource offering a true image. What if brands could use that information to find out more about their customers?

Fast changing customer behavior and new market dynamics make it essential for insurers to increase the contact frequency and provide more added value. Pixoneye provides the data and the engagement platform to enable this. Their data is dynamic, so they can recognise change in lifestyle, interests and life stage.

At DIA Amsterdam Ofri Ben Porat, CEO and Co-founder will showcase how the technology works, how they see it impacting the insurance industry.

Who is Pixoneye?
Pixoneye was founded in 2015 by Ofri Ben Porat and Nadav Israel. Ofri as senior strategic advisor to the minister of tourism to Israel was responsible for segmenting tourists to Israel for targeted marketing campaigns, however, could not afford to mix marketing messages to the two largest incoming groups; the LGBT community and the evangelical community. Ofri needed a new way to help understand exactly who these customers were. He met Nadav, head of Computer Vision at Samsung and the idea for Pixoneye was born, using AI to analyze personal photo galleries in order to completely understand mobile customers and personalize their experience.

Pixoneye has recently closed a Series A funding round of £6 million lead by leading UK venture capital fund Octopus Ventures, following a successful £2.4 million Seed from strategic investors including Santander and Telefonica.  Over the last 2.5 years, Pixoneye has successfully been building the technology and is now beginning to commercialise. The commercial headquarters of Pixoneye is based in London, UK, with an R&D team of 19 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In a world where consumers and brands engage and share across a range of channels, consumers want more personalisation, privacy and control. At Pixoneye we’ve pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to deliver valuable and secure outcomes for consumers. So that every consumer intention is met with an intelligent brand interaction, highly relevant to the individual’s circumstances and stage of life. We’re at a tipping point of AI, where these technologies will increasingly become commonplace and synonymous with giving consumers better choice, optimised pricing and more autonomy” Ofri Ben Porat (CEO).

Nadav Israel (CTO) & Ofri Ben Porat (CEO) Pixoneye

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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