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SDA SE: Enabling companies to digitalize by using a digital platform

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Aug 27, 2019

SDA SE based in Hamburg developed a digital platform that provides data, services and solutions for the three main insurance sectors: P&C, Life and Health. SDA SE enables companies to digitalize using their own IT infrastructure and create digital ecosystems including partners, fin- and insurtechs.

The startup stepped up to the plate to simplify the collaboration between customers, insurance companies, start-ups and service providers, and to provide the required technology to create customer-focused solutions. They built an IT architecture in the form of Platform as a Service for insurance companies. It consists of three service systems and enables data transfer and data editing between all platform members, and at the same time, clarifies critical questions regarding data management, safety, logins, scaling, etc.

The SDA SE platform is able to orchestrate several participants in real-time ensuring the entire data security. The digital platform consists of four elements:

  • system of Interaction: In- and Output to the end customer
  • system of Participation: In- and Output to the partner companies
  • system of Operant Resources: In- and Output to the insurance companies
  • data Lake: Storage of real-time data

These four elements orchestrate all participants. The platform is proven and operative at established insurers, has APIs in all directions and more APIs can be added if needed.
The platform enables companies to digitalize using their own IT infrastructure (“2-speed-IT”)


The SDA SE digital service platform enables insurance companies to:

  • accelerate the capabilities in customer-centric solution building
  • achieve useful collaboration and co-creation
  • deepen data-based customer understanding
  • create ecosystems of partners and other external service providers

The digital platform facilitates partner companies such as start-ups to:

  • scale and increase their reach
  • improve data-based customer understanding
  • collaborate with established insurance companies

The digital platform creates for end customers:

  • real value-added services along the customer journey
  • relevant information in the right place and at the right time

They keep the existing IT infrastructure and complement it with their platform. It combines and orchestrates the IT infrastructure with other participants of the digital ecosystem.

How it works

System of Interaction
The System of Interaction is the omnichannel element to interact with the end customer. This is where the requirements for an interactive and unique customer experience are created, and the end consumer becomes part of the value added chain as a useful co-creator.


System of Participation:

The System of Participation integrates external data and abilities such as co-producers, external platforms and AI.


System of Operant Resources:
The System of Operant Resources merges and orchestrates different resources. The more resources the system has, the more innovative and valuable solutions can be developed.  


Data Lake:
The Data Lake is a storage for the real-time data – already existing information and new findings. These provide the basis for the continuous improvement of the value added services.

Why we selected SDA SE for DIA Amsterdam
SDA SE operates on the edge of technology, driving innovation in the discovery of suitable automated processes, and the continual optimization of these processes. Enabling companies to digitalize by using a digital platform. The startup simplifies the collaboration between customers, insurance companies, start-ups and service providers, and to provide the required technology to create customer-focused solutions.

AT DIA Amsterdam Dr Stephan Hans, Executive Director SDA SE and Markus Reick, Project Lead Omnichannel Projects presented one of the solutions that runs with the digital platform: the app for digital care applications.

The app digitalizes the whole application process including signing on the device. The application is checked by a care assessor as a participant of the ecosystem in real-time, with the entire data security. As next, the insurance receives a complete and structured application initially validated by the input quality check of the device.

Check out their live demo here:

Who is SDA SE?
Founded in 2016 in Hamburg by the shareholders Signal Iduna and msg group with the strategic partner IBM. All three partners have deliberately decided to spin off the SDA to establish the SDA with a fresh mindset, independent technologies and simultaneous use of the strengths of the shareholders. Current investors are Signal Iduna and msg Group. The startup has grown from three to 75 employees.

“Our mission is to speed up the development of ecosystems by making the lifes easier for both established companies as well as StartUps.” Dr. Stephan Hans Executive Director SDA SE

Dr. Stephan Hans Executive Director SDA SE

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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