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Smart Communications: engagement through personalized conversations with customers 

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Aug 25, 2022

According to a recent survey of Salesforce and Smart Communications, insurers have three top priorities when it comes to claims: significantly reducing the time-to-decision, building trust with claimants and improving customer loyalty.  

Hyper-personalization adds to these challenges and as such results in increased efficiency (89%), faster settlement times (84%) and deeper trust and loyalty (94%). Creating truly digital-first experiences, companies transform one-way, static communications and traditional processes into two-way, omnichannel customer conversations.  

In 2016, Smart Communications disrupted the industry landscape by introducing cloud-based solutions, when the industry was still mainly working on legacy and on-premise technology that was slow to update and costly to maintain.  

By doing this, the technology company focuses on helping businesses engage in more meaningful customer conversations. Its Conversation CloudTM platform delivers personalized, omnichannel conversations across the entire customer journey, empowering companies to succeed in today’s digital-focused, customer-driven world while simplifying processes and operating more efficiently.  

Smart Communications’ platform includes cloud solutions that allow for increases in speed, agility, and efficiency and include enterprise-scale customer communications management (CCM) with SmartCOMM™, forms transformation capabilities with SmartIQTM and trade documentation expertise with SmartDX™.  

Additionally, its Conversation Cloud Framework offers easy integrations to CX technologies such as Salesforce, Guidewire, Duck Creek, Pegasystems, etc. This empowers enterprises to operate more efficiently at scale, connect to existing technologies across their organization, and obtain a more complete view of each customer. 

How does it work? 

To deliver hyper-personalization in claims, the Conversation Cloud™ helps insurers move beyond paper-based processes to implement a digital-first strategy at scale, optimize the end-to-end customer experience and make every interaction smarter. 

Smart Communications enables players in the industry to do this with innovative technology, a thoughtful approach to enterprises’ evolving communications needs, and deep industry expertise, including supporting customers in highly regulated industries such as Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare.  

The digital platform works seamlessly with core systems including claims management tools, giving insurers a way to turn one-way, transactional messages into two-way, interactive conversations. Insurers can then put existing customer data to use and enjoy frictionless experiences when collecting new data. Resulting in measurable returns, like 89% increased efficiency, 74% reduction in settlement time or 74% reduction in customer effort.  

Why did we select Smart Communications to present at DIA Munich 2022? 

Personalisation is a key topic in the future of insurance. “By and large, the insurance industry has done an admirable job of embracing widespread digital transformation initiatives. The time has come now, however, to evolve from digital-centric experiences to ones that are also entirely customer-centric,” said James Brown, CEO of Smart Communications. “By adopting frictionless processes such as personalized forms and two-way conversations, insurers will see improved customer satisfaction and increased trust that will have long-term effects on their claims experience and business operations.”:  

At DIA Munich, James Brown, CEO will present how leading insurers leverage IT to deliver omnichannel experiences. He will share several leading insurers achieved to improve the customer experience, increase their employees’ efficiency and reduce costs by means of its modern conversations platform.  

Who is Smart Communications? 

Smart Communications was launched in 2016 with the backing of Accel-KKR, one of the world’s premier tech-focused private equity firms.  

The company is headquartered in the UK and serves more than 650 customers in Insurance, Financial Services and Healthcare from offices located across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. 

“Helping enterprises realize the benefits that cloud technology can have on their business and with their customers has never been more important than over the past two years as digital transformation efforts became an imperative.”

James Brown, CEO Smart Communications 

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