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sum.cumo: made to innovate

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 27, 2019

sum.cumo stands for the expert, holistic digitalization of today’s business models. From offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Zurich, sum.cumo offers disruptive technology solutions to companies in the lottery and insurance industries. Thanks to years of experience and a large number of unique digital success projects, the company has in-depth knowledge of the customer’s and industry’s business model. The guidance and support of the sum.cumo experts in Consulting, User Experience, Technology and Marketing ensure the success of each project, from brainstorming to implementation.

The sum.cumo insurance platform (SCIP) is offered under an open source license and helps clients to reduce investment costs and time-to-market significantly. Based on a proven and tested back-end, sum.cumo develops individual layers and state-of-the-art front-ends in close collaboration with client teams. sum.cumo is a builder of pure play digital insurers. Unique about sum.cumo’s approach is  the ability to offer one-stop-shopping. The separation of back-end and front-end competencies is no longer competitive in an environment of changing customer needs and data driven business opportunities.

As shown by the results of their various projects, innovations in digital business models can be implemented quickly, on budget, and with great success. They are serving up to 20 customers in 3 countries. Customers include Dextra, nexible, die Bayerische, Rheinland Versicherungsgruppe, Allianz and SwissRe.

Key benefits:

  • All data is available real-time. In combination with external data it is used for dynamic pricing, improved customer services and efficient claims handling
  • sum.cumo platforms are built for the API economy. They can seamlessly integrate into different eco systems
  • Innovation at sum.cumo is the product of user orientation, agile methodologies and latest Internet technology
  • sum.cumo co-operates with established software companies and Insurtechs to complement its core system and deliver the best possible solution

Innovative Dextra project
In summer 2017, Switzerland’s first completely digital automobile insurance launched by Dextra and sum.cumo. The ambition of Dextra insurance and sum.cumo is to revolutionize car insurance in Switzerland. A high degree of process automation goes hand in hand with an innovative approach in price calculation, which gives Dextra a clear competitive advantage.

How it works
sum.cumo offers end-to-end digitalization.

Why we selected sum.cumo for DIA Amsterdam
sum.cumo is a driver of digitalization. They make it easier for new companies and products to enter the market and give back established market players full digital control over their business model.

At DIA Amsterdam Björn Freter, founder and managing director from sum.cumo and Patrick Eugster, Chief Executive Officer at Dextra Insurance, will present sum.cumo’s open source insurance platform, which is currently used by four insurance groups with activities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The platform provides a feature eco system, which is continuously extended in a joint effort between sum.cumo and participating insurers.

Who is sum.cumo?
sum.cumo was founded by Björn Freter in 2010 and has since grown to about 115 employees. The constant and steady progress that the company has enjoyed is rooted not least in the sometimes-disruptive successes of their customers, who they guide and support as strategic partners on their journey into the digital future.

sum.cumo achieved the best results of its eight-year corporate history in the 2018 financial year. Sales almost doubled and profits rose significantly.

Dextra Rechtsschutz is an independent actor in the Swiss market. Their case, which sum.cumo has supported as a close strategic partner since it was founded, shows that insurance can also be “simple.”

”To be successful in today’s internet-driven world, you have to focus on the client and deliver on all  aspects of the digital business model. sum.cumo provides the first proven holistic solution for clients who are done with only innovating parts of their business.” Björn Freter, CEO & founder sum.cumo

Björn Freter, CEO & founder sum.cumo

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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