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Thinslices: Zero to One Digital Product Development

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 26, 2018

Thinslices, leader in the mobile development space is a global custom software agency from Romania that creates high-intensity tech solutions for startups and innovation groups. They turn innovative ideas into digital products through a predictive methodology. Working with knowledge-powered small steps helps organize their projects, as well as their services. The phases of a digital product correspond with the 4 services that they provide: Zero to Product Design, Product Design to MVP, MVP to One, Knowledge and Expertise. The company has a history of turning complex ideas into live digital products in 3 to 6 months.  

Predictive Methodology
Thinslices relies on their own methodology, The SaaS Execution Map and a team with all the right capabilities to wireframe, develop, manage and test complex digital products using a whole range of software development and business skills. They take the uncertainty out of digital product development: whether it refers to the required roles, skills or processes.

Corporate Innovation Groups and entrepreneurs need the fast delivery of a digital product together with amazing quality. Thinslices provides multidisciplinary teams that follow their product development map, which is highly valued by their clients. They believe that product development success depends on how stakeholders and their teams communicate. Innovation needs communication. That is their main focus: clear stories, defined requirements and on-time delivery.

Thinslices has clients on 4 continents. Until today they delivered over 70 successful software projects for clients such as ETAM, camLine, Touring Assurance and a great number of Insurtechs among them WeFox, Number26 as well as OkIT. ThinSlices is a certified Microsoft partner and is licensed in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, Java SE 6 Programmer, Oracle Certified Professional, Web Applications Development with Microsoft.NET Framework 4, Scrum, PMI Project Management Professional, Graphic Design, and more.

Unique methodology that focuses on quick delivery of the product
They condensed their experience and learning in a simple to use checklist that is available for anyone who wants to build a digital product, The SaaS Execution Map. Using this, users significantly increase the chances of successfully developing a digital product on time, on budget and with the planned features and functionalities.

Thinslices offers WORK, a total small business management software solution that helps companies organize daily activities such as tracking billable time, managing customer support, marketing and invoicing;, a platform for scheduling appointments with doctors in Switzerland; Superevent, an in-conference mobile experience and event management app to control and distribute information during events; and Real Colors, a color palette generator from photos.

Why we selected Thinslices for DIA Amsterdam?
We invited Thinslices for DIA Amsterdam because they have a history of turning complex ideas into live digital products in 3 to 6 months for global entrepreneurs. And because of the trust they built in the Insurtech community. They helped a great number of Insurtechs among them WeFox, Number26 as well as OkIT.

Who is ThinSlices?
Thinslices is founded by Ilie Ghiciuc back in 2012 in Iasi Romania. Since then it has grown to over 60 tech-addict members, and 2 German offices in Konstanz and Berlin. Before Thinslices he ran the very successful company Maxcode, software for the banking industry.

The former business partners in Maxcode gave him a cheese slicer as a graduation present. They said you should approach big problems in life by cutting them into thin slices. It motivated to start his own company; Thinslices.

Thinslices is “the thing”, the context, the environment where all the employees are professionals. We create value for their customers and the success of the team creates the financial and mental space for each individual to have a significant positive impact in their communityIlie Ghiciuc, founder ThinSlices.


Representative: Ilie Ghiciuc
Email: [email protected]

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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