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TRENSITION: Bringing AI-driven strategic intelligence into your boardroom

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 8, 2022

Insurance is a long-term business. In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world full of uncertainties, it is a huge challenge for insurers to develop a mid or long-term strategy. They need to be able to estimate what the world will look like ten to fifteen years from now and what role insurance companies will play by then.

Trensition is a B2B AI-driven strategic intelligence company, that has built a disruptive and 100% data-driven intelligence platform that continuously monitors the future of insurance. It collects worldwide news and continuously monitors market trends and industry dynamics. Its platform enables decision-makers to remain competitive and relevant in the world of tomorrow. Trensition helps organizations monitor their environment and forecast a personalized view of their future. Helping insurers to focus on impactful strategy and smarter innovation.

How does it work?

Trensition’s strategic intelligence platform uses big data and AI technology to continuously monitor and predict the biggest change drivers for the insurance industry. It monitors any trend that will hit the insurance industry, whether it is economic, political, climate-related, consumer change, technology, etc. The insights can be tailored to any insurance company and zoom in on different business lines and geographies.

Trendtracker is a scalable product used by captains of industry in all kinds of industries like insurance, banking, media, consumer goods, retail and energy. It optimises strategic research by applying big data and A.I. making it efficient to sift through the noise and discover what’s relevant. Saving time, effort, and money in strategic research while being the first to spot new opportunities and risks.

Why did we invite Trensition to DIA Amsterdam?

Trendtracker uses sophisticated AI network analysis and natural-language processing to find early signals of change, monitor the evolution of trends, and analyse strategic actions.

At DIA Amsterdam, Vincent Defour, CEO and Co-founder, will present the platform. He will demonstrate how this platform enables an insurer to get a bird’s eye view into the future and monitor and analyse the industry’s direction.

The company has a strong track record in insurance working with Ageas but also in banking working for BNP Paribas Fortis.

Who is Trensition?

Trensition was launched end of 2019 and is headquarted in Ghent, Belgium. The company was founded by Mike Vanderroost, Chief science Officer who worked for leading scale-ups in the domain of data science and A.I. and by Vincent Defour, Chief Growth Officer and Mathias Colpaert, helped scaling the methodology.

It has a proven track record of working for strategy and innovation teams from international corporates and innovating with academic institutions.

They won a startup competition organized by EY and Vlerick Business School, were a finalist for best fintech startup organized by The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology and have won the Jury Prize and the digital finance summit in Belgium.

”Our mission is to bring AI-driven strategic intelligence into the boardroom of companies. We do not want to replace strategic thinking, we want to augment it by being a guide and helping companies give direction in that ever-growing maze of options and complexity in a fast-changing, uncertain world.”

Vincent Defour, co-founder and CEO

As always here’s a link to their website!

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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