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Wellmo: Enabling data-driven digital health experiences

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 26, 2018

Wellmo is a cloud-based mobile platform for insurance companies. The only content agnostic platform product on the market allows insurance companies to effectively leverage a wide range of third-party apps, international and local health service partners as well as assets insurers already have built themselves. The Wellmo app works on iOS, Android and supports more than 100 health devices.

The Finnish company has years of R&D behind it as the company’s roots are in the Nokia Wellness business. Wellmo is developed and marketed by Mobile Wellness Solutions MWS Ltd. which is owned by its executive team, key employees and private investors. Wellmo currently employs 16 people. Wellmo is headquartered in the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland, active in several European markets like Germany and The Netherlands and other Nordic countries.

Wellmo is already enabling several European insurers to help their customer to lead healthier lives, while boosting their business at the same time. An early Wellmo customer, LocalTapiola Life is the number one life insurer in Finland. LocalTapiola launched its Smart Life Insurance in November 2015 and the service became a great success. Since its launch, Smart Life Insurance has inspired over tens of thousands of Finns to improve their lifestyle. Today, Smart Life Insurance covers more services than ever before. LocalTapiola has increased their customer engagement and is able to get advanced data analytics to better understand their customers. Wellmo customers include insurance companies in 5 markets and also customers in other verticals such as healthcare services, retail and pharma. For example, Sanvartis, Medicover, BeLife and Ilmarinen. 

Wellmo was recently nominated as one of Europe’s top 20 health and medtech startups.

Platform approach
Their solution, Wellmo platform, enables insurance companies to build their own branded engagement process and combine this with locally relevant third-party health services. The result is a unified and continuously evolving customer experience. Wellmo’s role is to make it easy for the insurer to compose the best portfolio of services for its customers, keep it fresh, and effectively reach customers with a tailored mobile app.

Wellmo’s uniqueness is in the platform & ecosystem approach. Competing solutions are e.g. health apps with their own integrated content. With such fixed-content health apps, insurer’s flexibility to deploy services and content that is best-suited for the local market and different end-user needs is limited. End-users have learned to expect high-quality services that evolve according to their changing needs. That which is helpful today, may not be so helpful tomorrow. Insurers have to offer constantly evolving services to provide an engaging customer experience and meet continuously mounting end-user expectations. Platform & ecosystem is the modern way of offering preventive digital health services to your members and that is what Wellmo enables its customer to do.

The benefits of using Wellmo platform include:

  • speed of deployment and adaptation
  • flexibility through high level customization and integration
  • continuous and cost-effective development

How it works
Wellmo is a cloud service consisting of an app, admin portal, ready integrations to popular consumer health devices and an API for connecting third-party apps, services and content.

Wellmo has no content or program of its own. Instead, it lets insurers use the best apps and services available on the market while ensuring unified experience to the end-users.

With admin portal’s agile tools, insurer can brand, configure and distribute their app. With the API, insurer’s ecosystem partners can connect their apps, services and content. Admin portal provides detailed analytics on usage and health outcomes. This, together with the agile tools, enables rapid iterative development of insurer’s service. Innovative user segmentation allows covering enormous breadth of health topics and content, while targeting these specifically for each user’s health needs and preferences. A key feature is protection of the end-user’s privacy and compliance with regulations. Wellmo’s service is fully GDPR compliant, and the information security management system is ISO27001 certified.

Why we selected Wellmo for DIA Munich
For insurance companies trying to tap into the digital health market, it’s tough to compete with the established device and app-makers in this space. With Wellmo, insurers can create their own branded digital health app, which takes full use of the best devices, health content and services from the market.

Who is Wellmo?
Founded in 2012 by Jaakko Olkkonen (CEO) and Sampo Juustila (CTO).
Headquarters: Espoo (Finland)

Wellmo raised €1.3m in its first round of funding from institutional and private investors.

Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO & Co-founder Wellmo

“Insurance companies are becoming more and more interested in health services as means to differentiate from competition, expand business, increase loyalty and lower costs,” Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO & Co-founder Wellmo


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