What’s happening in The DIA Community Vol. 2 | DIA Community News

What’s happening in The DIA Community Vol. 2 | DIA Community News

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 4 Feb, 2019

DIA Community News

Another update about some of the insurtechs we had on stage during previous DIA editions. We don’t let just anybody show&tell their solutions. They have to go through a thorough selection process, so we can make sure that what you see on stage is truly worth your attention.
This also works the other way around. It helps the insurtechs to further their development and increase their growth opportunities.
You can imagine our excitement when we realized there are so many success stories that we have plenty to share with you! Check out Life After DIA!

New Barcelona Health Hub

Located in the amazing Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site is the newly created Barcelona Health Hub. The Hub connects startups with big companies in the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and other organization that apply new technologies in the field of health. Occupying over 2000m², the hub is an important part of the health ecosystem of Sant Pau and aims to position Barcelona as the European capital of the emerging digital health sector. Extra exciting news: DIA is a proud partner of Barcelona Health Hub – which totally fits our idea of helping to build ecosystems that transcend industry boundaries.

Freshen up your Spanish and click here to read more.

Great funding news for Mediktor and Kruzr
Startup Kruzr has raised $1.3 million (€ 1.15 million) in a first round of seed funding led by Indian venture capital firm Saama Capital. They will use the fresh funds to grow the technology team, scale up the product, and expand business in Europe and the UK.
“The DIA platform gave Kruzr clear visibility and helped us seal the deal”, says Pallav Singh, co-founder and CEO.

More good news: Barcelona-based Mediktor, which makes an app- and web-based symptom checker, has raised $3.46 million (€ 3 million) to support its continuing expansion into the US market. They are on top of the ranking in the Spanish health funding sector.

Congratulations to both!

Click here to read more about Kruzr and here about Mediktor

Digital Fineprint and Euler Hermes: a Great Example of Large Incumbents and Rapidly Scaling Insurtechs Working Alongside
We selected Digital Fineprint for DIA because of their ground-breaking technology hel">

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