ZAION: AI Powered Contact Center Solution

ZAION: AI Powered Contact Center Solution

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on 13 Oct, 2020

Zaion, a French start-up and member of DIA’s media partner FinTech Belgium, is expert in augmented customer relationship solutions. They deliver a complete voice customer relationship processing solution based on Artificial Intelligence and is supervised in real time. Their mission: to put the voice back at the heart of the customer experience and enhance the value of human capital.

Thanks to a unique and innovative  callbot technique relying on AI, Zaion places interactions in natural language at the heart of rich and emotional exchanges. Their callbots automate the most frequent and processable conversations in order to introduce flexibility in a model relying 100% on human agents.

Key benefits
Zaion takes on a comprehensive approach:

  • There are heavy investments on R&D and proprietary tools to make sure the callbot technologies are at cutting edge of conversational AI.
  • The architecture is open to integrate existing bricks already used by the customers (especially NLP or dialog manager tools). It also enables reversibility (conversations program and history belonging to the c">

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