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Zelros: AI for Augmented Insurers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 9, 2019

Zelros is a B2B independent software vendor specialized in the insurance market. Their flagship solution currently focuses on helping insurance advisors to better serve their clients by up-selling and cross-selling personal insurance products thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Their primary focus is to become the leader of Artificial Intelligence for insurers by increasing the performance of their client’s employees. The young company has developed a virtual assistant using artificial intelligence technologies to support insurance company employees in two specific segments: sales support and claims management. Zelros already covers two use cases: increase sales efficiency and enhance customer relationships. 

Several thousand insurance employees are currently using Zelros solution daily, serving millions of customers in France. AXA, CNP Assurances, Natixis Assurances, AssurOne and many more use their product.

How it works

Zelros product is directly incorporated into the insurance employees’ CRM (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Guidewire and so on). Connected to all the data provided by the insurance company system, their solution is able to predict in real-time the most relevant information to highlight to the customer: most suitable insurance product, best option and most striking selling argument. 

The newer data their technology receives, the better recommendation it will be able to give to the advisor thanks to Machine Learning process​. 

Why we selected Zelros for DIA Munich
Zelros developed the first AI solution specifically designed for insurance employees to better manage contracts and claims with the help of Machine Learning recommendations. 

At DIA Munich Christophe Bourguignat, CEO & co-founder will present Zelros Sales AI. Next to that they will their latest feature: voice data input​. As of now, the data feed of their algorithms is provided directly by their insurance clients: CRM data, weblogs, historical claims data, etc. With the addition of the voice data input, Zelros Sales assistant is now able to identify keywords during a phone call or a face to face conversation between a customer and the sales advisor. 

This feature allows them to improve their recommendation system significantly by offering recommendations more closely related to the topic that the end customer wanted to address in the first place. Additionally, this feature will help them to suggest personalized recommendations to clients without any historical data. In the future, it could potentially help them to generate and archive automatically generated summaries of calls or face to face meetings between customers and sales advisors. 

Check out their live demo here:

Who is Zelros?
Zelros has been founded in 2016 by machine learning and data experts: Christophe Bourguignat (CEO), Damien Philippon (COO) and Fabien Vauchelles (CTO).

The startup is present in Paris, France and in Munich, Germany with 50 employees and double size each year.

At the end of 2018, Zelros raised 4.5 million euros from ​Hi Inov​, 42CAP​ and ​​.

Today Zelros is live and tackles two use cases: increase sales efficiency and enhance customer service. 

“ We believe that the leadings insurers of tomorrow will be above all technology companies, offering an outstanding customer experience. And Zelros will be at their side.” Christophe Bourguignat CEO

Christophe Bourguignat CEO​

Barcelona 27 - 29 June 2023


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