Digital Insurance Agenda

Our Story

“Insurers will compete on their ability to innovate. The winning insurance firms of the future will be those that leverage the most innovative technologies to accelerate their digital strategy.”

Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks, Founders Digital Insurance Agenda

DIA is initiated by Reggy de Feniks and Roger Peverelli and is missioned to accelerate innovation by connecting insurance executives with insurtech leaders. Both hold a 20+ year track record in strategy and digital innovation for blue-chip financial institutions, including board and advisory positions at insurance start-ups, fintech companies and investors.

Roger and Reggy are the authors of the international bestsellers ‘Reinventing Financial Services’ and ‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’ which sold more than 100,000 copies in eight languages worldwide. In the position of industry experts, they spoke at many conferences and in boardroom sessions around the globe. In subsequent discussions, they learned that there is a great need to connect insurance executives and change agents to insurtech leaders, in an efficient and effective way. In order to tap right into that need, they created DIA.

Looking at the current insurtech events that are taking place, Reggy and Roger noticed the industry was ready for something totally different from the ordinary. They designed DIA as a superb quality event: far more interesting and appealing than everything else out there. The combination of a ground-breaking program, supreme audience and fine ambiance, makes DIA the single most important event to get inspired and do business. All 50+ insurtechs and thought-provoking keynotes are personally selected by Reggy and Roger. The cutting edge format allows guests to really experience the innovations that shape the future.

DIA events are characterised by awesome venues, with exquisite food and entertainment, all wrapped into a laid-back atmosphere. It is this uniqueness that differentiates DIA from any other regular insurtech conference. We are proud to be able to state that DIA is more. Much more. You’ll truly enjoy being our guest.

In only two years, DIA evolved into the leading ‘must see’ conference on insurtech and insurance innovation worldwide. The DIA platform reaches 20,000+ change agents every week. Over 1200 attendees were at the sold-out DIA Amsterdam in June 2019 and a thousand attendees at DIA Munich 2019. So, in the whole of 2019, we welcomed 2,200 attendees representing 50+ countries from six continents.

Then one year later, due to COVID-19 we switched it up with an online DIA event: DIA Prime Time!
But, of course, an online DIA event is not the same as meeting each other in the flesh. Luckily, two years later in 2022 we managed to host the ninth edition of DIA: DIA Amsterdam 2022! Despite, the pandemic, the event had over 1150+ attendees from 50+ countries from all six continents.

Of course, we couldn’t pull this off without an amazing team.

Eveline van Enk is our Director Insurtech Partnerships. She has over 20 years of experience at senior management level in the international domain of ING Group, combining IT and innovation with business.

Mariëlle van Jaarsveld is our Director Corporate Partnerships. She has a vast international management and entrepreneurial experience in B2B, including handling global corporate clients at ABN AMRO and co-owner / board member at toy multinational Royal Jumbo.

Bertina Bus is our Director Digital Strategies. She has extensive international experience in B2B, digital and data-driven marketing in global roles and as VP Marketing North America at Kantar, as well as consulting experience for leading financial services companies, including Zurich Insurance, Aegon, ING and ABN AMRO.

Jolijn Schalkwijk, Boo Hon Huynh, Imke Sonnemans and Pieter de Weille are responsible for DIA’s Marketing, Communication & Social Activities.

Guus van Lomwel, our finance manager.

Saskia Monichmann is responsible for special projects.

Production company iVentions is well known for creating next level events; ranging from the UEFA Champions League Final and the Euro league Final Four Basketball to events for the likes of Adidas, Armani, Nikon and Heineken.

Walter Capellmann is a seasoned insurance executive with a long track record that includes multiple executive board positions in Germany.

We are proud to have so much expertise on board with us. DIA operates out of The Netherlands. Our office is located on the iconic Oudegracht canal, in the city centre of Utrecht.

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