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Build Your brand, Generate Leads and Develop Business With DIA

We have four platforms in store to help you connect with your target audience throughout the year, and develop new business:

  1. Editorial and Interview Series in the DIA Community Platform
  2. Your Video on DIA TV and DIA YouTube
  3. Exclusive DIA Virtual Round Table with Selected Prospects
  4. Online Branding Opportunities

Scroll down for detailed information on how partnering with DIA can strengthen your thought leadership among decision makers and generate new leads. Naturally, you are able to combine various platforms together to maximise efficiency.

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McKinsey & Company InsurTech Hub Munich University of St.Gallen

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1. Editorial & Interview Series

Why you should consider this

  • Build your brand as a prominent leader among decision makers and change agents
  • Most effective way to reach your target audience and generate leads
  • Increase the ROI of a report or white paper you already produced, by amplification through the DIA channels among your target audience

What it is

  • Each editorial or interview is an 800-1,200 word article, based on your input
  • Featured in the DIA Newsletter with 20,000+ readers
  • Published on the DIA Community website (500,000+ annual traffic)
  • Amplified in DIA social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Xing)
  • Four shapes
    • Thought leader interview with your founder or CEO about their vision
    • Editorial about your company’s innovative solution
    • Interview series with three of your clients who share learnings and results (testimonials)
    • Editorial about your report or white paper; e.g. shaped as an interview

Why DIA is perfectly positioned to do this

  • The DIA Community website is the prime source of information for insurance executives looking for advanced tech solutions and what a specific insurtech can offer
  • Leverage thought leadership position DIA
  • The DIA Newsletter enjoys a high click-open rate (20-25%)

2. Your Video on DIA TV & DIA YouTube

Why you should consider this

  • Increase the ROI of the videos, which you already produced
  • Present your bold visions and innovative solutions on our own Netflix-like DIA TV
  • Reach your target audience effectively, and leverage the video for lead generation and new business

What DIA TV and DIA Youtube Feature is

  • Placement of your video(s) on the high traffic DIA video channels.
  • Demo videos, testimonial interviews with clients, recordings of webinars, CEO updates, new product launches – anything goes, as long as it is interesting for the insurance change agents in our community.
  • Call to Action (a mail directly to you) for lead generation on DIA TV to develop new business.
  • Promotion of your video on all DIA social media channels
  • Curated by DIA, to secure quality of the platform and strike the right chord with the DIA decision maker audience

Why DIA is perfectly positioned to do this

  • DIA video channels DIA TV and DIA Youtube are the single most important video resource in insurance and insurtech. DIA TV already attracts 50,000 viewers annually and continues to see rapid growth, while DIA Youtube has a viewer count of 75,000
  • DIA uses its marketing platform of 20,000+ newsletter subscribers and social media channels to promote the video platform and your videos

3. Exclusive DIA Virtual Round Table

Why you should consider this

  • The strongest digital alternative to physical events and round table networking dinners
  • The most intimate setting to connect with selected prospects
  • The ability to tailor your virtual round table session content to a specific target group
  • Strengthen your brand positioning, test concepts or discuss specific topics
  • Leverage the DIA community, channels and reputation, to enhance your thought leadership

What a DIA Virtual Round Table is

  • ‘Invitation only’ thought-leadership discussions in which DIA connects 8 to 10 insurance executives with a leading tech solution provider.
  • The opportunity to extensively introduce your company, vision and solution to a selected group of insurance executives and decision makers and truly connect with them

Why DIA is perfectly positioned to do this

  • DIA has superior reach in insurance and insurtech community and a strong relationship network in the financial services industry
  • The DIA team, consists of professionals with great experience in our industry. They will hand-pick interesting prospects and send out personal invitations for your round table

4. Online Branding

Why you should consider this

  • To drive traffic to your website, webinar, white paper or blog post
  • Your company brand as banners on our website, means association of your brand with ‘the latest in insurance innovation’
  • The opportunity to highlight your company on a prominent position on the DIA website for a longer period of time

What it is

  • Native banner ad placement, linking to your website
  • On DIA Community website: homepage, alongside articles – always in the sidebar
  • On DIA TV: homepage, between play lists
  • In DIA Newsletter: embedded in high quality editorial content

Why DIA is perfectly positioned to do this

  • More than 500,000 visits per year on the DIA Community website.
  • More than 20,000 readership DIA Newsletter, with 20-25% click-open rate.
  • DIA Community members are looking for inspiration to accelerate digital transformation and innovation

Thinking of a Media Partnership?

Our mission is to accelerate digital transformation and innovation in insurance by connecting insurance executives from all over the globe with insurtech leaders and further change agents.

Do you want to help us to spread the word?

We love to work with all sorts of media partners. In exchange, we can offer you inclusion of your logo on our website, thought leader content to share with your network and a possible feature in our newsletter. Win-win for everyone!

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