#YoPacienteDigital Interview with María Parrilla, Head of Health Business at Generali Spain

#YoPacienteDigital Interview with María Parrilla, Head of Health Business at Generali Spain

Written by Luis Badrinas - CEO of Barcelona Health Hub and lifelong DIA partner on 4 Sep, 2020

Tell us who you are and your relationship to telemedicine?
I am María Parrilla, the Head of Health business in Generali Spain. Therefore my relationship with telemedicine is obvious: it is a very relevant service for us to provide to our Health insurance customers.

Why did you decide to support the #YopacienteDigital project? How will this study impact your company?
Generali has placed Health Insurance as one of its main strategic priorities for the period 2020-2025. In particular, the company has developed a remarkably ambitious strategic plan with the aim of doubling the volume of premiums in Health Insurance during the next 5 years, gaining global relevance in this line of business within the Spanish market.
To achieve these challenging objectives, Generali has drawn up an action plan that includes relevant actions and initiatives in the main areas of the business: products, medical networks management, claims management and medical care, etc.

One of the areas where Generali will work decisively in the coming years as part of its strategic plan is the evolution of video consultation and the development of a Virtual Medical Chart that will coexist with the physical medical team. This will allow our policyholders to decide the way in which they want to receive the medical care covered by their Health policies.

In this sense, once Generali knew the existence of the #YoPacienteDigital study, it was an immediate decision to support it, given that the objectives of this project are perfectly aligned with the company’s strategy with regard to telemedicine, which is one of the pillars of Generali’s global strategy in Health Insurance. Furthermore, we expect that the results of the #YoPacienteDigital study will have a significant influence on the evolution of telemedicine in the national market, which would act as a lever to accelerate the digital transformation in the Health business, something that, in our opinion, is unstoppable. 

How are you using telemedicine in your company?
We provide our customers with the “24h doctor” service, which is a video consultation service for primary care, accessible on Mi Generali (our customer App). We are providing this service since 2017, when it was not nearly as popular as it is now, which shows our firm belief in the value it can provide to our customers. We work always with leading providers in the telemedicine field. 
Also, during the COVID confinement months, our customers were able to access video consultation services for most medical practices thanks to agreements with some of our medical providers. This has been a positive experience which reinforces our plans to deliver a Virtual Medical Chart.

What is a digital patient for you?
I believe that we can agree that the world is digital now, even more so after the COVID confinement months, which have accelerated and consolidated digitalisation in those areas where it may have been somehow behind. Health was already one of the most innovative and digitalised industries, but there were still">

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